Success Stories

Amazing connections happen on CollabFinder every day.
Here are a few examples and fun stories.

“I had a great experience finding an engineer willing to help me with one of my side projects... It's been great!”
Christina Mercando, Hunch/ebay

“The ability to share a project with people around the world on CollabFinder and then see people join and contribute is amazing!!!”
Michael Hanekom, BeenThere Project

“Perhaps I got lucky meeting Daniel on CollabFinder - he's probably the smartest young person I have every met, and he is only 17 - but CollabFinder has been very good for my project so far!”
Stephen Davis, Solve the Dress Size Problem Project

“I met Lawrence through a website called CollabFinder. It was totally... awesome.”
Junu Yang, IDEO

“CollabFinder is a great place for startups (like us) who don't exactly have the funds to design and build products alone - we can meet awesome people here willing to get involved! ”
Alyson Jones, Designer

“I found Lain on CollabFinder... We messaged back and forth and met at Starbucks that same day in San Francisco. We ended up having a lot in common, and I think it's the start of a great partnership.”
Tyler Benzinger, Adobe

Matthew, Tanya, and Scott
Bringing Manufacturing Back to the USA!

The trio behind Maker's Row, a twice funded startup in Brooklyn, New York, each discovered CollabFinder at just the right time. Tanya and Matthew had just started working on the idea behind Maker's Row - a platform to revitalize manufacturing in the United Sates - and saw Brooklyn Beta's Summer Camp program as the perfect launching pad. Problem was, they needed a designer. As luck would have it, Scott, a fantastic designer looking to leave behind the freelance life, had just joined CollabFinder and was also looking for a team to apply to the Summer Camp program with. Tanya reached out to Scott, who jumped on board. Brooklyn Beta accepted these three adventurers into their program and the rest is history.

“We loveeee CollabFinder! I honestly don't know where our product would be without it.”

Tanya Menendez
Maker's Row co-founder

“We really hit it off... we all have that entrepreneurial spirit, with a strong desire to innovate and grow. I'm grateful for CollabFinder. Without it, I would have never met Tanya and Matthew, and I'd still be doing client services work.”

Scott Weiner
Maker's Row co-founder


Ryan and Cory, At It Again
Serial Entrepreneurs Meet on CollabFinder

When you're a serial entrepreneur like Cory Forsyth and Ryan Vanderbuilt the itch to start something new is always there. Luckily CollabFinder is full of serial entrepreneurs like them. Finding great people with similiar interests and complementary skills is easy as doing a search. In their particular case, their mutual interests in happiness and improving the world for humans, their mutual friends and their histories drew them to one another. Cory is a wunderkind developer in New York City who cofounded (purchased by AOL in 2012) and has created many a personal project. Ryan is a whiz designer in San Francisco who's done everything from product design at Google to an art piece that took over Times Square to a clothing line, among onther projects. It's a natural fit, right? They reported to us that after meeting one another on CollabFinder they've started working on some killer stuff. We can't wait to see it when it's launched!

“Connecting with someone like Cory through CollabFinder based on our interests and skills has been awesome. We're starting some really interesting stuff and it's been a huge success to just get some of our projects off the ground by working together.”

Ryan Vanderbuilt

“Ryan's been a fantastic guy to get to know. His optimism and shared interest in using technological solutions to make the world a better place has been really inspiring. I'm looking forward to building something great with him, and I'm thankful that CollabFinder allowed us to connect with each other in the first place.”

Cory Forsyth

Coming Soon: Graphic novels, weekend hacks, and more...

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