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An app to help and encourage people to consume sustainably

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
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  • Srihari Kapu
  • Oscar Nilsson
  • Anna Hunter
  • Iulian Dumitrascu
  • Jonathan Bean
Sustainy is a web and mobile app that aims to help sustain society and Earth, by helping users consume sustainably, it does this by helping them measure, track, compare, share, and reward their consumption of food and other things that is healthy for Earth, society, and the body. We are making Sustainy so that people can vote with their dollars for the future world they prefer. It is really hard right now to consume according to your values because the information is not easy to find to help you…

GLAM-WIKI on Steroids

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Product Managers, Engineers
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  • Vladimir Alexiev
Ontotext has contributed to some of the largest CH datasets: - 2.5M BM objects in CIDOC CRM - 38M objects in EDM. Production deployment of is expected in Feb 2015. - AAT and TGN are online, ULAN is expected in Mar 2015. BM and Europeana are listed as the two top-quality datasets in the ODI data quality guide:…