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Looking help for new youtube playlist creator with tags

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
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  • Angel Tsvetkov
I need help of any kind (marketing, promotion, advice, operators, cofounders, etc.) for populating and extending the project: Create most detailed and categorized Youtube playlists with tags and earn 50% of your ADs profit Example links: Example links:…

Reality Web Series

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Musicians, Filmmakers, Engineers
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  • Aimée Rondeau
I have had this idea for quite awhile now about making a web series with also possibly a corresponding podcast. The series idea I've had involves following a couple friends, or group friends, in their 20s while they hang out, travel, and talk about things from their days and shows they watch to more serious topics and experiencing their experiences with them. Guess you can think of it as Friends or How I Met Your Mother meets Real Housewives. However, instead of following wealthy women going…

Funfaberry - children's channel and entertainment studio

Project needs  Designers, Artists
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  • Bemmygail Adara
Funfaberry is a children's channel and entertainment studio making videos for children on youtube, and seeking artists and marketing specialists. This is the website: FunFaBerry is a Filipino TV Channel and creative studio that aims to provide entertainment for kids and the whole family, packed with right education, fun, and good values. FunFaBerry believes that entertainment for the whole family is and will always be a great foundation for children. You are sure to receive…

Smart Heart

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Engineers
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  • Tommy Dong
  • Will Brickner
  • Pete Smart
A smartphone app linked with the smartwatch. Similar to the 1970 mood ring, you will be able to tell which mood you are in simply studying your own heart rate by recording optional video, audio + heart rate values--and creating an archive of moods correlating to certain emotions from a certain heart rate value. Can you imagine this app linked to social media? If you were able to post your mood/status without even thinking about it, would you do it? On a regular day, I stumbled upon a book called…

Ureach - the platform where innovators share, learn and connect

Project needs  Developers, Designers
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  • Max Del Vita
A new platform that allows innovators around the world to connect and share in a more efficient way. The idea is to use video to record and live stream meetup events so that people around the world can participate. Also, the content would remain available afterwards for people to watch. The easiest way to describe it is Meetup + TED + Linkedin Because I always wanted to be able to partecipate to meetups in other places (like Silicon Valley) but these events are local and there is no way I can have…

A Modern Amateur Adult Clip Platform

Project needs  Designers
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  • Julian Josephs
The #1 eCommerce platform that allows anyone over the age of 18 to sell self-made adult videos through a wide selection of highly customizable beautiful profile templates. This will be a platform where buyers find and order content to satisfy their inner-most desires. A place where anyone with a camera phone, webcam, or high-end camera can make adult videos of themselves and earn cash instantly. Currently there are no dominant platforms in the adult industry that offer independent amateurs a truly…
Project — video search that doesn’t suck

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Product Managers
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  • Nikolay Bezhko
I'm looking for new videos almost everyday. Built-in search engines do not provide high-speed search UI. There are also many specific search results which I want to follow. And there is no easy way to do it using existing products. So I've came up with an idea for people who should constantly search and watch new videos. It's a simple web app to search and follow new videos among your previous search queries. My main resposibility as a researcher at design & development studio…

DSRL Adapter For iPad Video Streaming

Project needs  Developers, Scientists
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  • Manuel Pineault
A minimal viable product that is a combination of a hardware and software solution that would enable DSRL cameras to stream HD video over a wireless network that your iPad could connect to. Inspired by Google's Chromecase, the device would be a dongle that is solely powered by a HDMI port of the camera. From there, it would broadcast a wireless network that an iPad could connect to, like any other network. The app would serve as the receiving end of the product, so that it would mirror what…

Booya: A Premium Fitness On-demand Platform

Project needs  Developers
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  • Lillian Lee
BOOYA is a premium fitness video platform, bringing together top quality, curated content from boutique gyms and instructors for users on‐the‐go. The boutique fitness industry has blown up in the past several years as the high‐end, differentiated answer to traditional big‐box chains. Clients are demanding results faster through personalized attention and are willing to fork up $25‐45/class to attend. However, these gyms are saturated in the hottest fitness markets—NYC and LA—and currently,…