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An app to help and encourage people to consume sustainably

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Musicians, Product Managers, Filmmakers, Engineers
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  • Srihari Kapu
  • Oscar Nilsson
  • Anna Hunter
  • Iulian Dumitrascu
  • Jonathan Bean
Sustainy is a web and mobile app that aims to help sustain society and Earth, by helping users consume sustainably, it does this by helping them measure, track, compare, share, and reward their consumption of food and other things that is healthy for Earth, society, and the body. We are making Sustainy so that people can vote with their dollars for the future world they prefer. It is really hard right now to consume according to your values because the information is not easy to find to help you…

Granja de Insectos Comestibles "Kan-Ken"

Project needs  Designers, Scientists, Product Managers, Engineers
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  • Raul Serna
Implement a Insect Farm in Veracruz, Mexico. farming a variety of insect. Crickets(Grillos) Zophobas (Gusano Rey) y Black Soldier fly (Mosca Soldado ) Conduct interdisciplinary and international research programs on using insects as food and feed. develop product quality standards and quality control mechanisms (e.g. pro-active self-regulation, certification schemes). Include the topic of ‘Edible Insects’ formally into their work programmes, communication and outreach efforts, funding options…

BioCorder: A device capable of monitoring pathogen agents and infection agricultural

Project needs  Designers, Scientists, Engineers
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  • Tulio Severo
  • Alan Alejandro Trejo Tapia
Device capable of monitoring in situ, pathogen agents through an organic sample analysis and micro-climatic indicators. As a result a geographic analysis is generate, showing susceptible areas of infection and displaying them on a heat map, In BioCorder we care about supporting the base of the pyramid I want to encourage the development of the field , improve productivity and rewrite the future of agriculture . I want to make technology affordable to all producers so they can safeguard health of…

Menu-led transparent food systems.

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Engineers
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  • Alice-Marie Archer
  • Bernice Fish
  • Ed Dowding
We want to use the Food Standards Agency open data to help us add menus to in order to help businesses both become compliant with the Dec 2014 Food Information for Consumers act, and get better food onto their shelves and menus at the same time. Ultimately, this will help customers make diet- and provenance-supported decisions, and give businesses another great reason to sign up to FoodTrade thereby supporting the sustainability of an existing socially focused network. This also…

Commercial Rooftop Hydroponic Farm in New Orleans

Project needs  Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists, Filmmakers, Engineers
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  • Ben Wambheim
I am designing a rooftop hydroponic farm basis for commercial growing in New Orleans to bring healthy, local food to everyone city-wide. Using state of the art greenhouse technology, advanced hydroponic systems and energy efficient organic growing methods the rooftop farms will allow high-quality to be picked that morning and served around the city that night. Traditional farming is one of the largest land, water, and energy user as well as pollution creator. The environmental impact of locally…

LocalSqr - Healthy, local food made simple.

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers
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  • Christopher Truman
  • Alastair Greer
LocalSqr, (pronounced Local Square, and at is mobile technology for local food to help Farmers Markets, local farmers, producers and artisans grow their business. Through our "Go Local Corporate Initiative" (, we work with companies to improve the health of their employees by educating them on healthy nutrition, getting them back in the kitchen cooking from scratch, and rewarding them for buying local food. If there…

Urban Poultry Farming App

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists, Writers, Scientists
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  • Ryan Freilino
I am putting together a team for this year's International Space Apps Challenge, and I was wondering if you or anyone you know would like to participate? I'm really excited about it, and looking to have some fun. The event is a two day hackathon for a great cause. I've started putting together a game plan to tackle the urban poultry farming challenge. You can see more about the backyard poultry challenge on the Space Apps website, but here's some more background: I've reached…