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User Friendly Warehouse Management Website

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Artists
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  • Danial Noori
  • Carlos Arias
I am developing a user-friendly warehouse management system that can be accessed on any device connected to the internet with the ability to manage inventory, produce orders, receipts, invoices, etc. and that will allow for an easier client-warehouse communication. In the future, I am also looking to build an app that will get rid of the need to use expensive RF scanners by using the phone's camera to scan barcodes. I would like to make this online WMS because as a warehouse supervisor I belive…

Create a Reliable and Customer focused moto repair shop chain

Project needs  Developers, Designers, Product Managers, Engineers
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  • Anthony Lamaro
Willing to change the moto repair shop panorama in Thailand and Asean by creating a chain of shops, specifically located in high transit locations (malls, markets etc.). This shops have to replace the typical dirty, hot, unreliable and unfriendly repair shops that are the only existing option at today. To improve the life of moto riders and create a more free time in there life. Give a quality service to every customer that comes to repair its bike at our shops, similarly as car repair chains create…