(IP) Method & System for Increasing Safety in Chemical Application from Aircraft

Created by Eric Hill.

I'm a Product Manager in Starkville, MS. I work at Mississippi State University. Previously, I've worked at Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc, SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc, Stark Aerospace, Inc, Hill Technologies, LLC, SportSnax, Inc, Black Crown Investments, LLC, Payne-Hill Publishing, LLC. I earned a B.S. from Mississippi State University.

Project Description

Currently, measurement devices provide wind speed and direction data, but the measurements are not site-specific and lack complete accuracy. Pressure from environmentalists, changing environmental protection laws, and skyrocketing jury awards have created an environment in which aerial applicators must attempt to reduce their exposure to litigation through improved drift control techniques.

Researchers at Mississippi State University developed and patented a technology that allows for site-specific measurement of wind speed and direction. This breakthrough allows pilots to calculate wind speed and direction more accurately at a specific location.

This technology requires a pilot to fly a small box pattern at a consistent ground speed to enable the device to make a series of calculations to determine the current wind speed and wind direction at a given location.

Users of this technology would include aviators in the agriculture, defense, and firefighting industries.

Our team needs help bringing the technology to market.

PATENT INFORMATION (US Patent 7,640,797):

Project Goals

  • Determine if a commercial market exists for this product

  • Create a brand and infrastructure around the idea

  • Find and assess interest among initial customers

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