A Planning App With a Plan of It's Own

Created by Ryan Vanderbilt.

I'm a Designer in San Diego, CA. I work at Plus Pieces Holdings, LLC. Previously, I've worked at Google, Eight Bit Studios, Table & Tennis, Anomaly, Landor. I earned a B.A. from Syracuse University.

Project Description

A scheduling/planning app with an emphasis on healthy & realistic ways of working and scheduling.

Taking into account things like mindfulness, focus, being present, knowing the ‘why’ behind the things you are doing, how our natural energy cycles work, etc.

In reality, we can't multitask effectively, or schedule two meetings at the same time, or work effectively for more than 90 minutes without a break, or go from a meeting about one thing, and instantly into another meeting about something else, so why should our scheduling tools allow us to do that?

I'm thinking some ‘healthy wisdom’ can come from interjecting it into the types of things we already do, such as planning our day. For example, after a 90 minute block it will force a 15 minute break into your schedule because 90 minutes has been shown to be the amount of time you can really focus and be productive before a break. As well as making you enter ‘why’ whatever you are scheduling is important, rather than just what, when, and where.

Maybe healthy habits and related wisdom needs to be embedded in tools we need to use everyday, rather than a solely health related product that may get lost in the sea of apps growing on our phones.

Why shouldn't everything made have an element of health/wisdom built into it, even a daily planner.

Specifically development, but this is the beginning of an idea, so who knows, probably a bit of everything, especially thinking and feedback.

Project Goals

  • Continue to explore the design of the app.

  • I'm interested in discussing the possibilities from the technical side, and then re-shape product as needed.

  • Working prototype to experience the idea and modify concept as needed.

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Josh Landquest

This project looks great!


Ryan Vanderbilt  PROJECT CREATOR

Thanks so much Josh, that means a lot!


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