TribO gift economy app

Created by Lu Andro.

I'm a Designer in Alto Paraíso De Goiás, Brazil. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

TribO is an app for facilitating and managing gift economic relations of exchange, thus assisting the shift from a scarcity and money based system to an abundance one. The main goal of this app to to bring people together through economic relations that money power relations have been destroying throughout the centuries.

The famous communications theorist Marshall McLuhan once noted that with electronic communications, humanity would retribilize. Meaning that we would become less individualistic and go back to being community driven. Thus the famous term: global village. And this new form of social structuring will greatly effect the way we approach economic relations.

Together we create great abundance, but it is the difficulties brought by monetary relations of exchange that cut our access to the plenty, thus creating scarcity.

Our system of economic relations was based mainly on the story of barter; a myth Adam Smith played a great role in spreading to such a point, it now became common sense. It is basically the old story we've all heard that before money people used to exchange 30 chickens for a cow. But, if you wanted to have a cow, your neighbor would have to want something you had, at the exact moment, and with the exact quantity that would equal to his cow. Wouldn't that be very difficult? Duh! That's why money was invented! Was it really?

Let me tell another version of the story. You want a cow, but your neighbour wants nothing you have at the moment. He simply gives you the cow, and you feel obligated to return the favour. Whenever you have something your neighbour wants, you give him, and slowly but surely you return what you received.

Now, what makes more sense? Creating an elaborate financial system to make possible for you to get your neighbour's cow, alienating the fact that you have social relations with him. Or simply accepting the cow as a gift and strengthening your social bonds?

I'm a developer and designer myself, but I don't have that much expertise in creating web apps. I would really appreciate help with tuning up the UI, UX and with developing the app.

Project Goals

  • Release the manifesto that unites the ideas behind the project

  • Release final UI and UX designs for community feedback

  • Release code and design as open source to be incorporated by communities around the world

Github page

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Diego Chaves


Is a great idea. I have some knowledge in js, but I never made something with node.js. I'd be happy if I can to help of some mode, if the development team has an experienced programmer, I can add me as junior.



Opa Diego,
bem vindo. Thank you for your interest in the app. I'll try to dedicate some time to come up with a final wire-frame, and use-case. When we come up with the app's basic workings will move to a Development and Design phase. If you could help out with feedback whenever some is posted, that would be awesome. Valeu!


David Wall

In Australia, we've just launched a similar concept. It's gone through a UX process and is at MVP stage, created on the MEAN stack, like you've mentioned below. I just thought you'd be interested, perhaps we could work together somehow? Anyway, interested in your thoughts / feedback:



Thank you very much David. The basic concept of sharing skills, help and things are the same, that's awesome.

I believe the main differences from my concept is that from the start I have been focused on users being able to Crowd Source actions; and that I use Fundamental Human Needs ( as a way to categorise "Gifts".

Really great job on Giftuu, I would most definitely love to work together. Added you on Facebook. Lets stay in touch. Cheers!


M Shakeeb Khan

Absolutely, I was thinking more or less this kind of concept but at that time I was not so presentable or focused as you are. Also I am very much passionate about to build a product and this is something appeals me. Last point which is very realistic is that there should be business involve in this.



M Shakeeb Khan

I think you have chosen enough technology but keep in mind NodeJS will be used for real-time application for more deeper or incentive CPU cycling you will required some server side script like PHP, RoR or Python.

Beside that I have expertise in PHP, AngularJs,NodeJs,MySQL & MongoDB. So let me know and share more documents and use-case. I can start working on this project.




I'll work on the use-case. Do you have any special reasons for helping out on this project?


M Shakeeb Khan

Hi Lu,

I have seen your project it sounds like you want to make it opensource? You are looking for NodeJS and MangoDb my I know why you have decide about this technologies



Hey Shakeeb,

thanks for the interest. From the research I've been doing, NodeJs alongside with MongoDB and Angular seems to be the fastest and most scalable technologies out there. Do you suggest any other technologies?


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