Amazi: a sensible alternative to bottled water

Created by Devin Lyttle.

I'm a Designer in Baltimore, MD. I'm currently freelancing. I earned a degree from Art Institute of York, Pennsylvania

Project Description

Amazi is a location-based app that makes it easy to find clean water sources—from fountains, faucets and filtered systems—to fill reusable containers on the go. We also provide data on the municipal water quality, empowering consumers to make informed decisions regarding their water.

Of the 66B plastic water bottles consumed annually in the U.S., only 13% are recycled—leaving the rest to litter our landfills, waterways and landscapes. The devastating impact this has on the environment and our health has steadily increased the sale of reusable containers and heightened our consciousness as consumers. While there are organizations tackling many of the consequences of bottled water, Amazi addresses the underlying cause: Disrupting the supply chain by changing consumer behavior.

We are currently a team of two, collectively providing nearly 30 years of startup experience, project management, business development, marketing, brand development, creative direction and product design. At this stage, we're looking to continue building out our iOS prototype, which will require a fair amount of data scraping (locations/water quality), geolocation sorcery, and extensive API integration (Facebook, Yelp, Amazon, Passbook, etc.)

Project Goals

  • Acquire location/water quality data

  • Develop iOS app

  • Test in select markets

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Rahil Jetly

Love your idea! I have extensive marketing experience and have led large-scale, social-media focused, marketing campaigns and would love to help out! I have valuable connections globally that could help this spread as well! Please email me at if you're interested!


Michael Greenwald

This looks like an awesome project. I'd like to help out in any way possible. I minored in CS but I'm pretty new to development so I'm looking for a chance to get involved and be able to really take ownership (with my team, of course!) of a project. I've done a lot of data work, and I'm interested in iOS development.


Dustin Dannenhauer

This looks so cool! I would be interested in helping acquire location/water quality data for you automatically (perhaps writing a program to scrape data from websites or other sources - you could also look into crowdsourcing, perhaps mechanical turk). I'm looking to contribute a few hours here and there whenever I have time - I wouldn't be able to be a full time developer. I'm currently a 2nd year PhD student in computer science.


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