Visualising achievement, progress and potential

Created by John Kellas.

I'm a Designer in Bristol, CT. I work at This Equals. Previously, I've worked at, I earned a degree from University of Edinburgh

Project Description

We are making a suite of data visualisation tools for use in profiling individual's and organisations attainment, progress and potential.

One of the tools we have developed has been used to show learners progress through the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence framework ( and won 'Best Future Potential' Award. We want to make this fit for the purposes of the English assessment frameworks and add additional functionality.

Combining our in-house data modelling / visualisation tool (Python / Pyramid, JS), and the D3 visualisation extension made last year - we are able make data from pupil performance records from the National Pupil Database accessible through visualisations that engage people lacking confidence, stamina or literacy

To this end, we are developing
- An interface showing detail of the stages of pupil development though the Curriculum - making clear recent attainment and next steps.
(through our D3 extension + drill down functionality.. utilising hover over and click through functionality in combination with colour, hue and spatial variables)

We are exploring possibilities of combining open data and personalised data to show how an individuals performance compares to others;
showing comparative performance - across region and over time.

We also want to show school performance data through the same schema.

"Numbers are today's pre-eminent language; and those who speak it rule."

To allow children, carers, teachers, managers to get an 'at a glance' impression, and drill down through data about attainment, progress and potential through simple, beautiful, interactive visualisations

To engage parents in their childrens learning.
To engage children in their own learning.
To show comparative attainment of pupils.
To make visible the strengths and weaknesses of educational institutions
For use in comparative analysis of schools.

Because we want to take our products to market.

Because we want to help.


We can provide innovative code, knowledge and skill for visualisation solutions.

We would like to work with people currently involved in the formal educational sector in England.

We want to work with coders - JS / HTML5 / Python etc..

We are open to collaboration with people focusing on performance data.

We would like help with documentation.

Project Goals

  • Produce prototype toolkits populated with sample personalised and open data for community feedback

  • Use Feedback to refine a toolkit that can be licensed or taken to market with an appropriate partner

  • Open source code and designs

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Briane' Knight

Hi I would like to add some additional design for this project .


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