Open Ofsted Data

Created by Nick Pyett.

I'm a Developer in Manchester, United Kingdom. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

A website and web API to make Ofsted data more open and available.

Parents will be able to search for the best school for their children in their local area, teachers will be able to review the history of their schools Ofsted rating and developers will be able to connect their application to Ofsted data via an API.

Ofsted data is published in formats very difficult to interact with and review. The power of structuring this data is empowering people to be able to find, compare and review the schools in their area, allowing parents to make the best choice for their children's education. Choosing a school can be a difficult process, and easily being able to make an informed choice will make a difference to parents.

Nothing really! I've been a web developer for 6 years and have a good understanding of design, marketing and product management, so am prepared to do this alone. However, someone who has an excellent design background would be helpful.

Project Goals

  • Create structured Ofsted data to enable querying a searching of data

  • Deploy website to allow users to search for schools Ofsted history

  • Create API to allow developers to connect with the data within the system

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