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Created by Andrew Reid.

I'm a Product Manager in London, United Kingdom. I'm currently freelancing. I earned a B.A. from University of Sussex.

Project Description

iKnow Education is ‘a one-stop-shop for all FAQs in education, catering for both children and parents’ designed to eliminate confusion and make information accessible to all kinds of people.

By using the open data, we hope to centralise the most important information and develop a highly intuitive, easy-to-navigate app/website which:
1. relies on minimal effort/input from parents
2. answers parents’ questions and gives succinct, personalised information in return
3. highlights the next steps to be considered for their child (short and medium term)

We also intend to make information much more accessible to students. As with adults, students are in need of similar types of information, dependent upon their age and year group. In light of this, we have identified 3 distinct features:

A SAT / attainment level based organic consultation tool – this responds to basic data about the student and returns a set of results which places the child’s ability in regards to expected levels, average levels*, location specific* and gender data*. Additionally, it provides concise academic information related to their age, year group and current ability, coupled with additional information that they need to know at any given stage – the service essentially provides advice to parents on how best to proceed with their child.

A community-driven schools finder system – utilises mapping systems with elastic search to return localised school data, including user-generated and information related to admission policies, location and selection criteria, admission and application rates***, exam results and performance**.

A Career Stepping Stones feature – allows for parents and students at any level (but most likely from KS3 onwards) to explore career choices and then see the route and necessary qualifications to get to that role or field.

Our project faces up to the challenge of presenting data to people in relevant and manageable chunks, for this reason, there is emphasis placed on a highly intuitive user-interface – simple, clear and pleasant on the eye, this is centred around giving parents relevant information instead of them having to search for it.

On the parent side – based on our experience in the tuition industry and through conducting surveys with parents, we have discovered that the same queries and questions arise over and over again. Parents literally struggle with ‘knowing what to do next.’ For successful engagement in their child’s education, parents need to be able to spot gaps in knowledge, learning impairments and other problems as early as possible in order to deal with them effectively. They also need to be aware of how and when to make certain key choices at different stages of their child's educational career, as well as understand the next steps and processes involved.

A future feature of the project depends on the open data and schools integration. This system would allow for parents to see exactly where their child’s proficiency lies, isolate the ‘problem patches’, and make truly informed decisions regarding their education.

Standardising and centralising information allows for all parents and children to gain equal access to information across the nation, giving them a better chance of progress in the way most suited to each individual’s needs. Our project aims to give parents and students access to information they need as well as what they want in minimal clicks/touches.

We have the framework of operations and end-user experience in place but require skilled coders and designers to help realise the front and back-ends of the project..

We will make use of the following open data sets:
• Performance tables by geographic location/school – up to 2013** ( & ODCS tables 8,9,17, 18)
• National Pupil Database*
o Scores & achievements at end of key stage levels by gender, school type, location (ODCS tables 4a & 5a)
• National Pupil Attainment Data*
• School location, contact, admissions and further information*** (

Using some of the following software:

• Google Charts
• jQuery
o Flot plugin
o Visualize plugin
• Many Eyes
• D3.js

• Node.js
• mongoDB
• mySQL
• Wolfram Alpha

• Google Maps
• Modest Maps
• Leaflet
o OpenStreetMap integration
• ElasticSearch

Project Goals

  • Fine-tune, build and integrate tools and features.

  • Create a functioning, sustainable resource.

  • Tailor system to future changes in UK curriculum.

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Marieke Guy

Hi iKnowEducation,

We are an EU Project called LinkedUp which is trying to get educational organisations and institutions to use open and linked data that is available on the Web. We have collated a catalogue of educationally relevant data sets as part of the project. We are doing this through a series of three consecutive competitions aimed at developers - they develop prototypes and apps that use this data. There are prizes available for winners of the competitions and many marketing and promotion opportunities (hear from our previous winners).

We'd really like to engage more with SMEs and possibly get them to enter our final competition using their already developed services. We feel that iKnow Education could be used to build on linked and open data with relatively little development work.

The final competition has two focused tracks. The first is around Supporting Developing Countries and the second is a Targeted Content Track which uses Water Resources & Ecology data. Maybe one of these is of interest? We also have an open track where any prototype can be submitted.

The competition deadline is 5 September 2014 and we will be awarding the winners at ISWC in Italy in October.

So would you be interested in entering iKnow Education into a competition so you can raise your profile and possibly win a cash prize? If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch (


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