How is my child doing?

Created by Russell King.

I'm a Product Manager in London, United Kingdom. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Advance School. I earned a degree from Cranfield University, United Kingdom

Project Description

Currently, parents have very little information on how their children are doing in school and therefore be able to provide appropriate support for them. This project will produce a child assessment application that tells parents how their child is doing compared to children of a similar age.

The software will ask children a series of questions based on their age and how they answer previous questions to provide an assessment of how the child is doing compared to their Age Related Expectations (ARE). A report will then be produced for parents that tells them whether they are at, above or below ARE. It will also provide them with a list of priorities for further development of their children.

In order to provide ARE, the application will use the ‘Attainment by pupil characteristics’ data set from the DfE. The software will be designed so that parents and children can periodically re-use the application to re-assess how they are doing. This will then provide progress data that can become an open data source.

The application will be free to use. However, the system will only provide a basic report for parents on their child telling them whether their child is at, above or below ARE. For a small price, they can obtain a detailed report that tells the parents exactly what the child is good at and what they need to develop.

Parents are the most important people in supporting a young child's development. However, parents struggle to know how their children are doing in school, what they are struggling with and how they can best help them.

This project aims to solve these problems, providing parents with the tools to help their children and so improve their levels of attainment.

In order to deliver the project, the following is required:

- Software development.
- Interface design.
- Data management.
- Assessment expertise for key stage 1 and 2.

Project Goals

  • Over the weekend - create a minimum viable product based around addition in maths.

  • Next few months - create a product that covers the entire maths curriculum for KS1 and KS2.

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Sam Li

Hi I am quite interested in this, I am a developer.

Have you considering creating the tool into a more persistence game, where the child is working through maths puzzles instead of a series of exam style questions to enhance engagement.



Hi Sam,

That is certainly how I see it developing. However, I am concerned about the potential development time required to deliver this effectively and wonder whether it is essential for an MVP.


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