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Created by Deepak Bhatia.

I'm a Developer in Guildford, United Kingdom. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at INRIA, France. I earned a Ph.D from Surrey University.

Project Description

A tool to help young students and other professionals to make improved career choices by combining open education data with open skills and employment information.

The tool shows pathways towards their goals through a combination of studies and jobs based on available employment data and education data.

Based on user input of their current career achievements including all their education, employment history and career goals and their chosen field they want to be part of, it shows the various options including further education or apprenticeships/internships or jobs to reach their goals.

The amount of information about career choices that can be obtained either through web search or speaking to friends and relatives is limited in value as it is not structured by goals but by positions. Advice is basically driven by information that is obtained through personal experience and is limited compared to large data from students and professionals across the country and globally. Being able to use this national data and tailoring different career choices available to an individual’s goals and achievements can benefit students and professionals alike.

Data sources:

Possibly: Linkedin Api

Need Education and Career Specialist who can guide the project using their domain skills. There is a need to understand the link between skills gained by Education achievement and Career goals.

Developers, Designers, Education Specialist and Scientist
Make sense of UKCES and education data.

Helping to make a business case out the project.

Project Goals

  • Create a design that helps navigate possible career options based on the goal and current achievements

  • Make sense of UKCES and education data.

  • Code based on design that accepts user data and available skills data and education information from various apis

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Ansup Babu


I am a researcher. I have worked as a data analyst and done consulting on such models using Bayesian Networks.I think i can help you in this project as
a data scientist.

Let me know if i can help you.


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