Live Energy Potential Map

Created by Barend Dronkers.

I'm a Engineer in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I work at Metabolic. Previously, I've worked at Shell, Engineers Without Borders, TU Delft, Environment Canada. I earned a M.S. from TU Delft.

Project Description

A Live Energy Potential Map for Municipalities that shows layered energy potentials based on a combination of static and dynamic open geo-data sources. The goal is to launch an interactive web-service/application that allows users to select combinations of 'sustainable energy interventions' on the map in order to make use of the energy potentials. Think of an energy model linked to a map, using real world data, and linked to economic models.

I'm making it so that municipalities (governments/departments/planners), residents, and local businesses have reliable and real data to make conscious decisions about what type of sustainable energy interventions they should invest. Policy makers can use the map to tweek policies to efficiently use energy. Small Business can connect their energy flows based on excess and deficit of energy flows. Residents can evaluate distributed energy technology investments.

I am well versed in the sustainable energy technology landscape, but my GIS and web-application development knowledge is THIN. I'm looking for developers/web-programming experts to help me realize this project using Open-Source tools.

Project Goals

  • Release prototype web-application that uses open geodata for small urban environment, with limited interactivity.

  • Test prototype in Amsterdam with my local connections to guide the development of the tool.

  • Learn how to interface with urban farming (food) and water systems maps.

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Olivier Kruger

what is the status of your project?


Sujay Hegde

Hi Barend,
Sorry for coming back after long time.
I was held up by other stuff.

Could you email docs to



Sujay Hegde

Could I get access to the document describing the methodology.It would be nice to get it


Sujay Hegde

Hello Barend.It is an interesting project.I would like to get some technical links or docs regarding it.I will try my very best to contribute to it considering that it will be taken up during my free-time(leisure from full - time job).


Gerd Kortuem

Would love to hear more about the Energy Potential Mapping methodology you are applying. Is there anything written up? I wonder how easily this approach could be transferred to the UK where we may not yet have all the required open data. I sent you a linkedin request.


Barend Dronkers  PROJECT CREATOR

Hi Gerd, Can you send me an e-mail @ bpdronkers [at] gmail [dot] com? I can send you a document that gives a summary of the existing methodology. I'm in the process of fully defining the methodology, hence, what I can give you now is only an overview.


Barend Dronkers  PROJECT CREATOR

Would love to connect. How can I get the documents to you? Seems you may have the connections I need for more international involvement.


Gerd Kortuem

Interesting project. What energy data would you need to realise this project and where would you get them from?


Barend Dronkers  PROJECT CREATOR

Hi Gerd, I'm using open data that is provided by the various municipalities, provinces and national geodata register in The Netherlands. The data includes solar resources, wind, sub-surface suitability for cold-heat storage, deep geothermal potential, as well as waste heat from existing buildings, and then last but certainly not least organic waste and bio-fuel/gas/mass potentials.


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