School Zebra: Crowdsourced school report

Created by Michael Beddow.

I'm a Developer in Sheffield, United Kingdom. I work at WANdisco. Previously, I've worked at Northgate IS. I earned a M.S. from Sheffield University.

Project Description

Website to rate schools in an area to help parents who are moving to an area decide which school to send children to. Will involve peer reviews, performance metrics and any other metric we can source to accurately rate a school. We started using Open Data that has been released for free coving all sorts of information about schools performance and other data.

We started at a hack the city event for open data on education and are continuing from there. There isn't a similar service in the UK at all really, there is a USA equivalent but not here in the UK and it would be a very helpful service. Through sourcing data from lots of sources, including asking parents to review the school their child has been to we believe this could be an invaluable service for parents faced with moving to a location they do not know well.

Anything really, we have made a start on this project at the 'hack the city' event but not much more, there is obviously a lot to do, sourcing data, analysing what can be used and how and making a framework to cater for it. We have one developer who has started using Groovy on Grails to bring in the data and need to build from there.

Project Goals

  • Create a functioning website that pulls in data from open data and other sources to enrich the data and display it.

  • Create an easy to use and searchable site allowing easy review and access to the data in a safe and secure fashion.

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Briony Phillips

Hi, you might want to take a look at as possible food for thought in your development. Briony


Oliver Gilbert

Cheers Briony. We found quite a few but still feel we have a unique aspect to our offer. Will detail in the description.


Rafe Jeune

Hi I was wondering have you thought about getting involved in the Education Open Data challenge?

They are proposing to use open data combined with volunteered information from volunteers in Haringay to develop services to enable parents assists their children with their studies and make choices through out their educational career.




Hi there, We actually met/came up with this idea at hack the city sheffield doing an education open data event:) I just created this as a place holder but we want to be part of that its the idea, I needed to find the link and such thanks very much! Don't know if this project interests you in any way but if you want to be involved in any way please get in touch!.


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