innovative social-commerce start-up

Created by Kévin Brouillaud.

I'm a Product Manager in Paris, France. I'm currently freelancing. I earned a B.A. from Mod'art International.

Project Description

I want to build a social-commerce plateform where users can vote for their favorite products/brands and get discounts; collect into lists their favorites brands, products, places, events and share it with friends; allows professional and individuals to buy/sell everything they want on the marketplace.

The final aim would be starting a start-up whose goals are
- To make the Internet a better place for social interactions and shopping.
- To provide users the best web experience where everything in the real world is connected to the Internet
- To provide brands the best visibility and get more connected to their customers

As I already started programming a part of the website, even if I am not a programmer at all, I need web developers (one or many) to finish the project with me in order to release a first version of the website and then raise funds in order to develop the company.

Project Goals

  • Code and design for beta release

  • Fund raising

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Romain Rouiller

it will be something similar to ?


Kévin Brouillaud  PROJECT CREATOR

Hi Romain, the project is not only about buying/discovering products but also brands, places, events and people. Pages can be linked together to create bounds between them and aggregate data (for instance see all products or all stores of a brand). You can also see it as a Wiki for lifestyle and not just a marketplace as is


Leonardo Fagundez

Hi, Kevin! Nice to meet you!
Maybe, I could contribute with my skills: web development (ruby/rails) & UX.


Kévin Brouillaud  PROJECT CREATOR

Thank you for your interest in the project but it is currently paused


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