Deliverish: A peer-to-peer delivery marketplace

Created by Erica Swallow.

I'm a Writer in Cambridge, MA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Forbes, Mashable, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Saatchi & Saatchi NY, Contently, City Winery,, New York University, Business Insider. I earned a degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Project Description

My team and I are building Deliverish, a peer-to-peer delivery platform where you can get anything delivered, anytime, anywhere. Every day, we face logistics issues. We’re stuck at work or home, for example, but we need to go get our groceries or laundry, or drop off a package off at the UPS Store. Wouldn’t it be great if we could rely on all the people around us to help out? With Deliverish, we can.

Let’s say you’re cooking a delicious dinner, and you totally forgot the squash for the butternut squash soup. Don’t worry. Deliverish is here to save the night! You simply open the app, let us know what you need, where and when, and our algorithm connects you with the right person who’s already there anyway.

Our team is composed of two MBAs, a backend engineer, a frontend engineer, a RISD designer, and a data scientist, all working to help you get anything delivered, anytime, anywhere.

We’re unique from other services out there, like eBay Now and TaskRabbit, because we specifically focus on solving local delivery, which enables us to optimize for flexibility in what you can have delivered and when, and the user experience behind the process.

From a business perspective, we take a 5% transaction fee on all deliveries made.

I currently live in Cambridge, MA as an MIT grad student, but I previously lived in New York City, where I was constantly facing logistics issues, needing to be in two places at once, typically so that I could pick up or drop off some item (be it groceries, laundry, a package, or something else).

I pitched this idea at a hackathon in March and it stuck. We've been working on it part-time, but we'd like to see it go full-time.

Our team is very flexible at the moment. Some of us work on the project on most of our free time, while others tag-team and jump in and out when needed.

We, however, need a backend developer who is as excited about this as the rest of us. Our current backend, an amazing superstar, has a full-time job that takes up most of his time. And though he likes the idea, he lives in New York and would find it tough to continue on. So, a backend engineer is a huge need for us.

We could also benefit highly from having another front-end developer and another designer who have time to devote towards leading these ends of the project, if only from a side project point-of-view. Since our team is highly distributed, it would be nice to have some Cambridge-based teammates working on design and development, who could lead the others on the team located in New York and Rhode Island.

Project Goals

  • Release final designs for community feedback.

  • Launch Cambridge/Boston beta in December or January.

  • Get accepted into summer accelerator for growth.

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Hi, myself and a partner are looking at the same business model for Spain. Have you gone ahead with it in the US? See this post is back from 2013.. maybe the market was still not prepared for it!


Oskar Zhang

I was just thinking of the same thing and then Google led me here.


Nina Yang

Love the idea, would like to find out more about it! Efficiency is an extreme need in today's society.


Troy Cosentino

What sort of technologies are you using? Is the primary focus native mobile apps?


David Urbonas

Love the concept! Would love to come aboard design wise. Let's chat!


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