HeLLa Rides - On demand carpool mobile app

Created by Krys Freeman.

I'm a Product Manager in San Francisco, CA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at GreenBiz Group, Sustainable Brands. I earned a B.A. from Occidental College.

Project Description

I'm making a mobile app that allows commuters to form on-demand carpools.

Benefit to Drivers

Do you currently drive alone over the Bay Bridge during peak hours? >> If you have a FastTrak device, use this app to find and pick up riders, use the HOV (3+) lane to shorten your commute and share toll and gas costs.

Benefit to Riders

Frustrated by busses that show up late (or not at all)? >> Use this app to coordinate with drivers going your way, with the benefit of door to door service, at a fraction of the cost.

Traffic congestion cost Americans 5.5 billion hours of extra time, 2.9 billion gallons of wasted fuel, $121 billion in delay and wasted fuel costs and 56 billion additional pounds of CO2 emissions. Imagine all that we'd gain by avoiding such profound and unnecessary waste.

- Many people who work in San Francisco commute from the East Bay alone
- The volume of single drivers creates a lot of traffic
- Roads are over-taxed with the volume of travelers, and all travelers suffer
- When the BART system is down (or on strike - Summer 2013) these issues are exacerbated
- In the event of an emergency, system blockages such as this can prove very dangerous and costly

I'd like feedback on my assumptions, help ensuring that the app is technically sound, and if possible, would love to collaborate with an iOS AND/OR Ruby on Rails genius who is willing to work side by side to develop the project.

- Increase the number of HOV +3 cars crossing the Bay Bridge during peak commute hours.

- Decrease the amount of time drivers sit at the toll booth, in an effort to improve commute times for all drivers.

Project Goals

  • Produce a solid interactive mockup for user testing and feedback.

  • Use that mockup to pitch an iOS developer or helping to create the first iteration of the application.

  • Build a team of contributors that are interested in helping develop this project over the long term.

Send Feedback or Questions

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Johnny Cash

Interesting application - would love to talk to the team a bit more to find out where you are with it and what kind of design skills I can contribute. survival games


Arun Kumar

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Dave Grip

Hi there! May I ask whats the latest status of HeLLa Rides?


Pamala Springs

PRIDE Museum requests Community Partnership with HeLLa Rides App

Hi Krys,
I am so happy to know about all of the inspiring work you are doing in the Bay Area, and we were also involved at SWOBMA.

PRIDE Museum is a nonprofit organization serving Silicon Valley and the Bay Area that inspires youth to explore careers in technology and science.

We would like to inform our membership and network of the HeLLa Rides App.

PRIDE Museum is requesting your permission to include the HeLLa Rides product logo among our Community Partnership affiliations.

Please visit our website to know of our work and let me know your thoughts.
Pamala Springs, Executive Director
PRIDE Museum


Joren Winge

im an ios developer interested in this project.



Hey Joren,

Thanks for reaching out -- wanna set up some time to chat (skype/google hangout)?



Pan Ma

You guys already finished the app?
If not, do u have a development team?



Hi Pan,

No the app is not complete yet. I have met with a few developers this week who expressed interest in working on the project. Are you looking to join a team?



Max Anisimov

Hi Krys, your project looks very interesting!

Could you please comment briefly on what stage your project is on at the moment? Also, in what way is this solution different from existing projects?

Thanks a lot!



Hi Max,

Thanks for your questions! Looks like you know my friend Nikita :) Re: stage, I'm learning iOS currently while revising the first batch of storyboards.

Which existing projects are you familiar with?



Max Anisimov

Nikita Zhilin? Of course, I do! :)

I've seen thjs one
but I think they don't have an app.



Actually Nikita Mitchell. Zimride doesn't have an app, but Lyft (founded by the same team) does.


Timmy Holt

can this be used in Australia?



As a platform, I don't see why not. Do you think there is a need for something like this in Australia?


Apostrophe Kola

I like it … how is it going thus far, folks?



Hi Kola,

What do you like about it. So far so good. I've received a lot of good feedback and suggestions during the last 2 weeks of user testing.

Have you had an opportunity to try out the demo?



Jamie Carter

this looks like an awesome idea!



Thanks Jamie! Totally appreciate your positive feedback and support!


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