A media-driven trip record - BeenThere

Created by Michael Hanekom.

I'm a Developer in Johannesburg, South Africa. I work at Vertopia. Previously, I've worked at Private Property, Barloworld Logistics, Digicore.

Project Description

A portal that will store a history of your trips around the world. It will allow the attachment of your own media or community contributed media to various POI's (points-of-interest). It will allow you to write about each of the media items you attach. Trips can be replayed by friends and loved ones. There are many verticals to this type of portal and can range from advertising, to tourism, to safety, to government and so on. There are plans for mobile apps or alternatively integrating with something like

I want it to be a free portal for people to build memories for themselves and their loved ones. I also want it to be a platform for people to get great deals and offers from travel and tourism agencies that match their planned trip route. It should also contribute to the safety of people who travel by alerting them to high risk areas and practises.

Design and development of the platform from beginning to end. That would include graphics, HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery. In addition, I would like to build it as a scalable AWS EC2 deploy using PHP/MySQL. Another important area of skill contribution would be via PHP SLIM framework for the API design to partner sites and mobile devices.

Project Goals

  • Planning of functionality for portal to end users and third party partners

  • Architecture considerations

  • Website mockups

Project Updates

Sitemap (User)

October 8, 2013

And here is the User area

Basic Sitemaps

October 8, 2013

Hi Mari / Manuel,
Here are some basic sitemaps, split into Public and User areas, to get the juices flowing in terms of functionality that I think we should build into the site. Please comment.


October 8, 2013

Welcome to the project Mari. I have been fleshing out the idea in my mind but hope to have some wireframes and site mockups up here.

The base functionality of the site would have to include:
- Landing page
- User subscription / facebook connect
- User profile
- Trip summary page T-bar design with countries and places on left and map replay on right
- Categories for "planned trips" and "completed trips"
- Sharing with friends across social platforms

Your thoughts on the design so far?

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Arun Kumar

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Aaron Sananes

This is exactly the idea I've had for years! I would love to work on this project with you as I have a lot of ideas I could also bring to the table! I'm a UX / UI Designer & Frontend developer with over 8 years of experience.


Michael Hanekom  PROJECT CREATOR

Hi Aaron, thanks for signing up ;) Since we are pretty much still in the planning phase, please feel free to upload wireframes or sitemaps of how you think the site should flow. I have been getting into mobile apps quite a bit in order to be able to create our own for this. Waiting to hear from you soon. Regards. Mike


Manuel Hess

Hey, great project!

I travel a lot, I know many similar sites and always hoped to make something that beats them all. Very interested in this.


Michael Hanekom  PROJECT CREATOR

Hi Manuel, thanks for coming on-board. This project has been long overdue and it would be incredible to have something that just adds to the awesome memories and experiences one builds while travelling. I am going to try to put together some wireframes of what the site could potentially look like. If you have any tools you can suggest, that would be great.


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