Hot or Not for Etsy (Hot or Notsy?)

Created by Sahadeva Hammari.

I'm a Designer in New York, NY. I work at CollabFinder. Previously, I've worked at Betaworks, Rumplo, Squidoo. I earned a B.A. from UCLA.

Project Description

I want to make a "Hot or Not" for Etsy. Think of it as a more fun, interesting way to browse Etsy without having to jump from category to category, shop to shop, trying to find the good stuff. This is a simple way to browse the best stuff on Etsy based on all the votes and rankings from other people using this site.

I want to make this because browsing Etsy is great, but not super fun, and it's hard to find the best stuff. I want to try to build a more fun, interesting way to browse Etsy and, in the process, generate enough data to really recommend the best items on Etsy really, really quickly.

I'm a designer and front-end engineer. I'd love to team up with some backend and font-end engineers to make this real. I'm happy to give equal share of ownership to you, dear genius engineer, if you jump in and make this awesome (and, you know, functional). Can't wait to meet you!

How it might work:
Pull in random items (from the same category?) from Etsy on the fly and record which ones get the most votes. The ones that get the most votes would then compete with other items that also received many votes, so pretty quickly we could start showing really good Etsy products to new users.

Also, we could generate a list of things you've voted on via a browser cookie (there'd be no accounts on the site) so you could share a link with all the votes you'd made and items you liked.

I'm not sure if Etsy has a referral program, but if they do it's possible this could generate revenue that way?

Take a peek at the clickable mockup at

Project Goals

  • Build a team of 1-2 engineers in addition to me.

  • Launch a prototype and test with friends

  • Launch for real and get picked up in BuzzFeed, FastCoDesign, and more!

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Angel Moreno

What is the status of this project? I am very much interested in working with the Etsy API in order to achieve this. BTW, you can also charge Etsy sellers to be featured on the site. Perhaps have some type of bidding per category where the more they pay ( from a few cents to a few dollars) the more frequently they would show up. It would basically be a new marketing outlet for Etsy sellers.


Joren Winge

Im def interested in this project. Im an iOS dev in SF.


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