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Created by Eddie Sanchez.

I'm a Developer in Queens Village, NY. I work at EZFacility, Inc.. Previously, I've worked at SITA, Computershare, Newsday. I earned a B.S. from Stony Brook University.

Project Description

An online website to check the balance (at this time there is no public API provided by the MTA, so the information you see on the website is randomly generated) on your New York City MetroCard as well as the number of fares/rides left by using the serial number on the back of your MetroCard. You can also find the nearest subway entrance and bus stops to your location as well as any location in New York City.

We are making this app because currently, the only way to check your balance and see how many fares left you have is at a turnstile or a fare machine. As New Yorkers there have been too many times where we entered a subway entrance and swiped our MetroCard just to find out we do not have any fares left.

What if you get to the subway or bus stop, find out you don't have enough balance and you don't have enough money on you? With you can check your balance before you head out the door and know in advance if you need to refill your MetroCard. You can also visit the website on your mobile smartphone if you are on the go. For parents, you can now be confident your child has enough on their MetroCard to make it to and from school.

Besides being able to check your MetroCard balance, we would also like to provide the ability to refill your MetroCard online through the website, making it even more convenient to use a MetroCard.

FaresLeft improves NYC residents and its visitor lives by making something that is inconvenient, convenient.

FaresLeft eliminates the frustrations of not having enough balance on your MetroCard as well as not being able to check your balance at fare checker machines. By being able to know your balance ahead of time, New Yorkers will make better use of their MetroCard, thereby increasing mass transit use.

The more people using mass transit the less vehicle traffic there will be, reducing congestion and pollution.

The easier it is for for people to use their MetroCard the more they will be willing to use it. The more they us

Project Goals

  • To provide an online tool for New Yorkers and visitors to be able to check their MetroCard balance.

  • For the MTA to make MetroCard data available through public data sets and/or API's

  • Create native mobile applications for FaresLeft on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 8

Project Updates

MTA Data

June 5, 2013

Due to the MetroCard data not being publicly available, we developed a class library around the attributes of a MetroCard that would interface with a hypothetical MetroCard API.


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Debra Vardaro

I want to check the balance on a metro card..

3 days ago


I want to know the balance of my mta metro card

19 days ago

Twanna brown

I brought and started useing my 7 day metro on tuesday morning does it expire at 12 midnight sun or 12 midnight monday


Muhammad Warris Warsi

I want to know the balance of my TAP Card


Muhammad Warris Warsi

I want to know the balance of my TAP Card



Just checked the Web site and is not available or doesn't exist.
Do you have extra information about this project? Does it need any aproval from MTA?




Can I use a New York City metro card in Washington DC?


Evelyn Vargas

i would like to check on mine if possible Im not a new yorker but i did purchase more than the normal to travel to new york my card is 2710452078 or 24680037



I would like to help with this. Whats the best way to get the MTA to get the information that we need? is there anyway we can create it if the MTA decides to drag their feet?



Awesome idea! I was just Googleing how to do just this. I thought MTA would've thought about this a long time ago. I hope it becomes available very soon.

Teresa, NYC MTA fare is $2.75. The Express Bus fare is $6.50.


Luis Santa and Noraida Gonzalez

Hi I would like to check the balance on 4 ticket that I have for Metro Card. The numbers are: 2690645400 24483196
2689628058. 24476739
2689628058. 24476739
2690645401. 24483296



how much is the nyc bus fare



Love it! Very useful. Please let me know when it is available, Thanks!



Would be very useful to know what the balance is without having to venture into the subway.



Great idea, Eddie. Good luck making this happen. I'm an example of yet another kind of customer -- I live far from NYC but visit there a few times a year. Right now, I have an MetroCard that expires at the end of this month, and I have no idea how much money is on it. My mistake for not checking last time I was there, yes, but this is a basic function that MTA should be providing online.



What is with the questions below asking how to check the balance online? Don't you people understand what website you're on, and what this guy is trying to create?

I'll make it simple: This guy is trying to create this app BECAUSE it's *not* currently possible to check your MTA card balance online.


Eddie S.

This App was created but has no data to feed it... still waiting for an API from the MTA to handle it .


J shieh

Can i check a metro card to see the dates and times it was used



No application was ever created for this?





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