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Created by Eddie Sanchez.

I'm a Developer in Queens Village, NY. I work at EZFacility, Inc.. Previously, I've worked at SITA, Computershare, Newsday. I earned a B.S. from Stony Brook University.

Project Description

An online website to check the balance (at this time there is no public API provided by the MTA, so the information you see on the website is randomly generated) on your New York City MetroCard as well as the number of fares/rides left by using the serial number on the back of your MetroCard. You can also find the nearest subway entrance and bus stops to your location as well as any location in New York City.

We are making this app because currently, the only way to check your balance and see how many fares left you have is at a turnstile or a fare machine. As New Yorkers there have been too many times where we entered a subway entrance and swiped our MetroCard just to find out we do not have any fares left.

What if you get to the subway or bus stop, find out you don't have enough balance and you don't have enough money on you? With you can check your balance before you head out the door and know in advance if you need to refill your MetroCard. You can also visit the website on your mobile smartphone if you are on the go. For parents, you can now be confident your child has enough on their MetroCard to make it to and from school.

Besides being able to check your MetroCard balance, we would also like to provide the ability to refill your MetroCard online through the website, making it even more convenient to use a MetroCard.

FaresLeft improves NYC residents and its visitor lives by making something that is inconvenient, convenient.

FaresLeft eliminates the frustrations of not having enough balance on your MetroCard as well as not being able to check your balance at fare checker machines. By being able to know your balance ahead of time, New Yorkers will make better use of their MetroCard, thereby increasing mass transit use.

The more people using mass transit the less vehicle traffic there will be, reducing congestion and pollution.

The easier it is for for people to use their MetroCard the more they will be willing to use it. The more they us

Project Goals

  • To provide an online tool for New Yorkers and visitors to be able to check their MetroCard balance.

  • For the MTA to make MetroCard data available through public data sets and/or API's

  • Create native mobile applications for FaresLeft on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 8

Project Updates

MTA Data

June 5, 2013

Due to the MetroCard data not being publicly available, we developed a class library around the attributes of a MetroCard that would interface with a hypothetical MetroCard API.


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I would like to check my balance on my senior citizen reduced fare metrocard. I do not know how much I am paying for an extra bus ride if needed and when you are on the bus with lots of people behind you it is impossible to see the balance and if you have been charged another fare or a partial fare.



Washington Metro allows it. Rickie if you don't want to use such an app then don't but don't minimize the need or inflate the imaginary risks.



This app will never happen. MTA doesn't not allow access to its data. Safer for you, since someone could come along, take you info and transfer balances from one card to another and you lose your money. Who's fault is that? Not the MTA... YOURS!


Annika Kaye

I've been waiting for this app for years. Why doesn't it exist yet?!



How can I check the balance on my metro card?



How do I check my balance


anna molot

how to find balance on senior citizen easy pay card?



How do I check my balance of my metro card


George Thaila

how to find balanace on senior citizen easy pay card?


Courtney E

Hey, are there any updates on this project? What's been done and what's left to do?

I'm a college senior at Binghamton University and took a computer programming class with a focus on Python. I thought this would be a cool project to help code for.



Check balance



How do I check balance on my metrocard?


Harsh Batra

i want to check my balance on metrocard


Harsh Batra

Iwant to check balance on my metrocard


amit kumar

69510207 bal inqeiry



I want to check my balance on metrocard


Jeff S

Where does this project stand? Realistically it can't go anywhere unless the MTA creates a public API into that data, and frankly I don't see that happening. What incentive do they have?

Also, that they have not at least set up a website of their own so you can check this is quite surprising. But again, I guess no incentive since daily subway riders can see it on the turnstile when they pass. The only real value is to the "occasional" user such as myself that lives in NJ and rides the subway every now and then. There's little reason for the MTA to do anything for that class of rider.


Debra Vardaro

I want to check the balance on a metro card..



I want to know the balance of my mta metro card


Twanna brown

I brought and started useing my 7 day metro on tuesday morning does it expire at 12 midnight sun or 12 midnight monday


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