Energy Zip

Created by Jonathan Roberts.

I'm a Scientist in New York, NY. I work at New York University. I earned a Ph.D from Southampton University.

Project Description

What is the app?

EnergyZip allows you to explore electricity usage across the five boroughs and compare your usage against predicted future use, to your neighbors and to the city. We invite you to enter your recent electricity usage and, from this data and the average seasonal modulation for US households, we predict what your electricity consumption will be for the rest of the year and how your use compares with your neighbors'. Currently there is no public data for how electricity use varies from month to month in New York City. With user input we will build such this data set and make it public.

Why are we making it?

Seasonal modulation of electricity use is of vital importance. First, New York experiences freezing winters and steaming hot summers - large temperature differences that we mitigate by heating and cooling our homes using electricity. Second, New York City buildings are aging, and their often poor insulation exacerbates the problem of maintaining a stable indoor climate. Finally, the majority of New York City electricity comes from fossil fuels. Together this means the city exacts a heavy price on the environment, a price that can be mitigated by steps such as upgrading windows, painting their roofs white and using more energy efficient A/Cs. Seasonal data for the city will allow us to identify the buildings with unusually large seasonal variation - and they can be targeted for energy efficiency improvements.

How is the app improving New York City for residents and visitors?

It will educate them on New York City's energy budget, their carbon footprint, if their house is poorly insulated and could be improved, on renewable energy tax credits and more. With enough data collected by visitors to the site, the understanding we will gain on the seasonal modulation can be used to guide policy and city efforts in reducing the power use in NYC and its carbon footprint.

Project Goals

  • Have a functioning site that allow New Yorkers to educate themselves on energy use and how they could make the city bett

  • Accumulate user data to build an accurate data set of the seasonal modulation for household electricity usage

  • Use the above to help guide city efforts to how best to improve and upgrade buildings and infrastructure

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Johnny Cash

I have a lot of these tools(code) already done on past projects....i just joined this site looking to find other people to work with. run 3 I want to do a lot more than I can do alone....


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Nullumst iam dictum quod non dictum sit prius.


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