HELP BUILD, The easiest way to find the right LED bulbs.

Created by Adam Siemiginowski.

I'm a Developer in New York, NY. I work at Procter & Gamble. I earned a B.S. from Fairfield University.

Project Description is the easiest way to find the right LED bulbs for people interested in transitioning to the most efficient and beautiful lighting technology. We are already profitable and selling bulbs each day!

LED bulbs use 1/6th the amount of energy of traditional bulbs, and 1/2 the amount of energy of CFL 'twirly' bulbs, BUT most people are daunted with the many options of bulbs, and they assume the lighting quality is poor due to their experience with CFL bulbs. That's not the case, so we're out to help people learn about the benefits of LEDs, and find the bulbs that will make their home or office look and feel the way they want it to. reduces the LED bulb market from ~7000 to 30 with a curated list to help you filter top-performing bulbs by criteria that matter to you, either efficiency or appearance.

Our curated list of LED bulbs highlights those with the best performance in key efficiency categories: Price, ROI, Lifetime Savings, Efficiency, and Expected Life. Visitors can also find the right bulbs for them based on their appearance: Color and Brightness.

Beyond the current version of the site, we are working on additional campaigns to help replace all the inefficiency porch lights across America with an LED bulb, as well as a personal auditor to calculate the savings in your apartment / home quickly! We are also building a network of trusted NYC electricians who can help people upgrade their bulbs, so we are employing local New Yorkers to green the city!

Project Goals

  • Define Alternative Campaigns for convincing people to transition to LED bulbs

  • Improve Usability of Filtering and Sorting

  • Develop LED bulb rebates database! So people can take advantage of utility rebates.

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