Street Pulse

Created by Bamboo Shoe.

I'm a Designer in New York, NY. I work at hpmg. I earned a degree from NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program

Project Description

We are creating the first metric for recycling in NYC at the trash bin level.

The goal is to allow everyone to see their progress in recycling: building by building, street by street.

We build the electronics that goes on each bin and a network. These modules communicate wirelessly to an outdoor installation 24/7. Via the cloud, we collects and utilizes the info: a data base, an API to share the information, a website and a mobile app. This project gears towards helping both the city and its citizens making better choices for recycling.

Currently, the granularity at which one can assess progress in recycling is coarse: the precinct level. This lack of clarity cost money and waste the efforts of the city and the community.

We can do better.
We can improve recycling.
We can involve people when they see how they compare to others and how their contribution changes the score of their own building. The city can implement programs at a building level instead of a whole street. We can assess if a change to a particular recycling program works, in a matter of days. We can as well spot trends and long term effect of recycling policy, leading to better use of resources.

Project Goals

  • Building a proof of concept for cities: integrates electronic hardware, api data structure, and mobile friendly content

  • Collect data from bin level; allowing citizens to take advantages of the 24/7 accessible info and improve recycling

  • Contributing to the open source and open hardware community, share the knowledge and experience gathered

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Dawn Nichols

My name is Dawn Nichols and I work for SimPalm. We would love to help you with your app development and web design. We have a complete staff of programmers and designers ready to help. Please contact me at so we can discuss.



hi Dawn,

We are developing in house and I think we are ok. Thanks for reaching out.


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