Poncho, A Simpler Weather Service With A Personality

Created by Kuan Huang.

I'm a Developer in New York, NY. I work at Betaworks. I earned a degree from ITP, NYU

Project Description

For years, I've been frustrated by all the weather services and apps. All I want to know about today's weather is very simple: cold or warm; whether it's going to rain; whether it's going to snow. But all the weather services just give me numbers and many other weather information that I don't really care about. So I decided to built Poncho.

Poncho is a personalized weather service that is tailored for your daily routine. It explains weather in simple and snarky English.

Everyday in the morning, you receive a well crafted email or text message based on your choice. The message contains all the necessary information that you need to know to get your day started:

- Daily weather forecast, written in a snarky tone
- Train status alert when something is wrong with your subway lines
- Pollen forecast if you have allergy
- Alternate side parking rule suspension reminder for those who park their cars on the road.
- Bad weather alert for those who walk dogs or doing outdoor exercise.
- Weather during your lunch time
- Weather when you leave work.

Thousands of New Yorkers have been using Poncho as their main weather forecast since mid April. Here are some examples of what other people think about Poncho:



Project Goals

  • Release to every New Yorker

  • Expand to other cities

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Johnny Cash

Great idea. I came across it when doing a Google search to see if anyone shared my vision. I would enjoy discussing this with you further if you are still interested in pursuing it. Message me if you'd like to chat. KissManga


Mary Tracy

I've tried unsubscribing from your service, but it keeps directing me to a Get the App page. Can you please remove me from your list?


Lisa Levy

I love what you're doing. I started doing the mood and weather report, making a point about how the weather would be affecting people's moods in addition to people's moods. I'd love to contribute to your project!
Here's some of my reports:


Preston Mardenborough

can you please unsubscribe me from your weather service. thank you kindly.


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