Mobile Hardware design education

Created by Sidhant Bansal.

I'm a Product Manager in Delhi, CA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at LAVA MOBILES. I earned a degree from IIM Lucknow

Project Description

Developing end to end mobile hardware design education program in India. Mobile hardware development encompasses highly technical areas like PCBA design, mechanical designing etc. PCBA design in itself is highly complex like PCB layout, schematics, RF etc. We would like to make this knowledge accessible in India through classroom learning for the engineering students and interesting e-learning modules to reach the audience whom we cannot reach physically.

India manufacturing is going to be big in coming next 1 or 2 years. Mobile assembly had already been at its peak in 2017 and this 2018, many PCB assembly plants and camera module factories shall be set up in India. India provides unique advantage in terms of high cost advantage as compared to other countries like China, Vietnam etc. In next 1 year, the component ecosystem is going to move to India and hence the design houses shall start coming to India as they stay closer to ecosystem and India provides cost advantage.
Currently, there is high lack of industry related knowledge in mobile hardware in India. Most students learn software like Android App development, UI/UX, machine learning etc, but the learning on hardware is quite low. If we see a country like China, their level of knowledge on PCBA, mechanical design is vast. We want to bridge the gap and ensure the knowledge is accessible to Indian students to learn and enable them work on core electronics manufacturing.

I need a co-founder who has interest in this electronics sector, is passionate about contributing to the country's development and loves teaching. Teaching doesn't mean by profession, he/she must be a teacher or faculty. Teaching is an interest where you like sharing knowledge with others and get happiness when he/she sees that other person has learnt what he/she taught. He doesn't need to have a prior learning of mobile hardware design. The connection with the existing ecosystem and higher learning requirements shall be solved.

Project Goals

  • Develop educational content (in e-learning form and classroom material form) to be easily understood by students.

  • Should train the students on hardware design

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