Med2Med: Helping Medicine Heal Through Peer Support

Created by Tamsin Athalie Nicholson.

I'm a Scientist in Gloucester, United Kingdom. I work at Dr Felix Pharmacy. I earned a M.S. from university of glasgow.

Project Description

A peer support app for people in the medical profession including medical students. The app will provide an anonymous platform from which people can post their problems and experiences, and other users can give support. Check out the 'Tea & Sympathy' facebook page for an idea of the concept. It should be a really simple means to give and receive support for medical professionals. It may be possible to create different zones for nurses, medical students, doctors and their friends and families, but if it is best to start small, we could just start with doctors.

Many people in the medical profession suffer from mental health problems (70% in the UK), as well as relationship difficulties, social issues and physical problems. In the UK, it's estimated that over 50% of doctors intend to leave the NHS within the first 3 years of work. We need to give people support, in a useful, accessible way, as this is not something that every doctor feels they have access to. Doctors need looking after too and peer support is a great way to make that happen.

I have an idea, I have knowledge, I have commitment and marketing experience. I don't know anything about the logistics of creating an app, the legal side, crowdfunding and other sources of funding etc. So any help that anyone can give me would be hugely appreciated.

Project Goals

  • Create a development plan

  • Release designs and information for crowdfunding & stakeholders

  • Development of the app

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Randy Gonzalez

Hlello Tamsin I have a project idea similar to this one. How do you plan to authentify that someone registering for your app is a real doctor?

Why specifically doctors? Are they the only profession that suffer from mental health problems? - There is a solution for mental health problems in general called TalkLife.

4 days ago

Dada Poipoi

Hi! My name's Davide and I'm really interested helping you with this project. If you wish, you can contact me via mail:

Thank you!

11 days ago
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