Advanced RC Vehicle

Created by Osama Abboushi.

I'm a Product Manager in Gothenburg, Sweden. I work at Commander Enterprises. Previously, I've worked at TechPromotion.

Project Description

It´s an RC Vehicle with a big break-through potential wich can lead to big global interest, so I would like to keep the most things secret until I find the right people to create a full team. In order to fulfill the big potential of the product, the team needs to consist of at least 1 engineer, two designers and two developers.

I am making this product in order to create a name of my corporation in the tech industry, and if there are people willing to be a significant part of this new upcoming product then they are welcome to contact me. This is a really good time for this spcific product to be released, but we need to hurry up because if we do not create it, a big established tech company will do that soon.

I want help with developing this product. The product is still just a concept and doesnot have any type of physical form yet, so therefore I need talented engineers, designers and developers to be part of this corporation. And ofcourse the each of the members of this corporaton will recive a good reward in stocks after that the goals acives.

Project Goals

  • Design, manufacture and release this new tech device to the market.

  • Starting with the second operation wich will include design an even more advanced vehicle. (concept have been planned)

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Alice Ophelia

The product is still just a concept and there is no physical form of any kind. Therefore, I need talented engineers, designers and developers to become part of this company

17 days ago

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