Hired In NY - A mobile app to manage the job search process

Created by Jeff Novich.

I'm a Developer in New York, NY. I work at Groundlink. Previously, I've worked at,,,, I earned a B.A. from Johns Hopkins University.

Project Description

Small businesses and startups create the majority of new jobs. But many of these opportunities are not easily discoverable by underserved people or inexperienced job seekers.

You've heard of mappedinNY and madeinNY. "Hired in NY" is a mobile web app that makes it easy to discover, connect and apply to thousands of jobs at 2,000 NY-based startups and small companies. "Hired In NY" manages your job search through an intelligent, customized todo list and helps you find the job you want.

1) Discover jobs in NY for startups and other NY-based companies using the most comprehensive database created.*
2) Prepare for your job interview by following a checklist of things to do such as following the company on Twitter or using their app or website.
3) Meet people at the company for coffee or connect on Twitter.
4) Apply to the job with an amazing cover letter and passion for the company and you will own your interview.

Hired In NY boils all these steps into a simple app that lets you discover companies, meet the right people, and apply to the jobs. It is a job-hunting guide that connects people with small companies looking for a solid culture fit.

Many job-seekers often think the best way to find a job is to click "apply" a lot. The reality is, companies that are hiring their 5th or 50th employee are looking for someone who is passionate about what the company does, comes into the interview prepared with ideas and insights, and fits well into the company culture.

Hired in NY is a checklist that turns even the most inexperienced job-seeker into a highly engaged applicant so when you do apply and get that interview, you'll be prepared to put your best foot forward. It's perfect for internships/entry level jobs all the way up to execs.

The "Hired in NY" API is the backbone of the app, boasting the city's most comprehensive company and job database for startups. (More below)

Project Goals

  • Complete the "Hired in NY" dataset and publish our API

  • Release v1.0 of the mobile web app for feedback

  • Integrate feedback and include additional job-search APIs

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