Electromagnetic Railgun Rocket Launch: Commercializing Access to Space

Created by Rob Lipton.

I'm a Engineer in Los Angeles, CA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at NYSERDA, Cornell University. I earned a M.S. from University of California, Los Angeles.

Project Description

An electromagnetic railgun launcher for more cost-effective access to space. Traditional rocket launches cost on the order of tens of millions of dollars for a single launch (just look at SpaceX). Reusable, ground-based architectures could reduce the cost of space access by orders of magnitude. There are significant technological hurdles yet to be overcome, but I hope to have fun designing a feasible prototype! In the image, you can see a screenshot of my back-of-the-envelope calculations.

Science fiction is my passion. I want to sail amongst the stars someday, but first we need to make the stars accessible. The number one obstacle preventing humanity's ascent into space is cost. If we can bring down the cost of getting materiel to space, there will be nothing standing in the way of the beginning of humanity's true space age!

I need help with any and all parts of the project! I have aerodynamics knowledge (up to/including hypersonic flow and flow modeling), but this project will need structural engineers (for the "Hyper Cannon"), physicists (for the electromagnetics and superconductors), satellite and payload engineers (for the actual launched object/materiel), and much more! If you are even remotely interested in this type of project, just get in touch and let's talk! (even if you have a non-technical background and just want to make drawings for the project or something!)

Project Goals

  • Create potentially feasible design.

  • Build design in CAD and simulate in CFD.

  • Build small scale prototype.

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Dada Poipoi

Hi! My name's Davide and I'm really interested helping you with this project. If you wish, you can contact me via mail:

Thank you!

22 days ago
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