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Created by Max Austin.

I'm a Writer in Southwick, MA. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

A magizine that focuses on ideas over faces. Currently politics is based upon scandals and drama and not on logic. When was the last time D.C. came up with a solution? Instead of consuming the drama that they called news. I want to bring back ideas to conversations, bring ideas to the headlines, and bring American voters to challenge party lines.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said "Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.". And in the current politicial, social, and econmic climate, it seems as if the emphasis is placed not on ideas, but on people. Think, when was the last time you heard politicians talking about a solution?
I wish to create a magazine that does not bring news of scandals, but of ideas. Ideas on all things, on economy, philosophy, and politics, expressed through essays and short stories.

I need writers, thinkers, and philosophers to bring and write about their ideas, and I need illustrators and designers to well, illustrate and design them magazine. And I need advertisers to help spread the word

Project Goals

  • Gather 150-Pages worth of ideas

  • Design the cover for the first issue of the magizine, then illustrate every page.

  • Use Crowd-Funding to raise enough money to print and publish the magazine.

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