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Created by Chandan Cbs.

I'm a Product Manager in Bengaluru, India. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

solving and reinventing the problem of how we connect. we know that the technology is changing. so social media sector too. . today we have so many different app a/c demographic for teenager, millennial, adult but in future this is not the way we connect their will be one app for every purpose not the way of mixing everything like your thinking now. for big company like Facebook it will be heard to turn big ship by invent something great. and today social media define there success by time spend by user on there site but do think this will work in near future that user will spend their time without self aware of it.. its left to your knowledge we think future is going to change most of social media users will aware of their time and value they get from it proportional to time, trust, and loyal they give.. so we are inventing social network with connect people a/c to their life relation. here not everyone will be just friends. we will only avoid people our using our service if they do.. we help people to help enhance there life with entertainment also

we want to create social network that give value for our user. that not to hook there attention to sever them with ads... rather where than can improve and also get entertained.. connect with that social network which not just where every relation became friends but represent real life connection..

we need help in developing product and ship to world

Project Goals

  • find technical cofounder

  • ship beta version of product with in 9 to 11 week

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Djworld Ome

Here i am posting the most famous online game theyahtzee actually this one is also full of new features and providing the players so many easy steps to play it so is being online king.


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