The VR experience everybody have waited for

Created by Stefan Göransson.

I'm a Product Manager in Norrköping, Sweden. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

I am making the next VR technology to let anyone be able to feel, smell and taste the game. Not just see, hear and play. A package that will give the ultimate opportunity to really experience the game fully and forget about the real World. Everything you do in the real World you can now do in the virtual World.

VR today is basicly just the headset and the tracking controllers. The technology does exist to really advance Everything. Noone is taking that step that can be done and push the Worlds way to evolve. Many things can be done virtual and the way we see Everything can now be changed if only you see what acually exist.

I need help to push the Project forward and to start a adventure where the possibilities is in range and with the right amount of workingpower it can be done easy. Its Everything from finding ways to make Everything work to build the new technology and the Product for everyone to join.

Project Goals

  • Have all the sketches and Schedules that are needed to be able to build it to a final form

  • Have all the codes and game examples so it works and it does as it should

  • Hav the whole Product working so we can start produce it and put it on the market.

Project Updates

Platform concept

February 13, 2018

Free movement and also an option to sit down with no problem. Made of steel and plastic. Lights up when its on.

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