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Created by Edin Hadzovic.

I'm a Developer in Graz, Austria. I work at 2014. Previously, I've worked at I earned a B.A. from TU Graz.

Project Description

- We are going to make a website for the crowdfunding with Ethereum, that way will have a start capital. The website should describe our vision, show the benefits, and our roadmap, what we want to achieve.
- After we get the funds, we are going to develop a website and a simple app where people who bought our tokens can see them and do whatever they want. The website will be minimalistic with some features that I can't find on other exchanges.

I see so much potential in the decentralized system, and cryptocurrency is still young and wild. I want to make a place where people can earn money more easily. Where the money that they put in the bank would be more effective if they use our exchange website. I want to bring 2b people to the financial world, what I want is to make the world a better place for everyone and not just for selected few. It will be a huge project but I think will be funded and have the backup of the cryptocurrency community.

I am looking for a small team of people (5-6) members:
2 for backend, 1 frontend, 1 designer (logo, brand, website design, app design), 1 for writing the content on our website, who is talented to put my vision in the right words, and one more place for everyone else who can contribute to the project.

Project Goals

  • making the one-page landing website, that will show the vision to the people. System for register and purchasing token.

  • After the funding, developing the exchange website (more focus on that then on the app)

  • Developing the app.

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Samuel Jenks

Hi Mr. Hadzovic. I would be very interested to talk to you about co founding a crypto startup. I am in the process of developing a website platform which will allow subscribed users to use or create quantitative trading strategies.

I am a programming student with a lot of spare time and a passion for projects. I'd expect a partnership to include a distribution of a large number of shares in an international company. I would be interested in learning the ropes as this is my first startup venture.

Mainly I am looking for the right co founder. I'm in my early twenties so there may be some issues with vision and experience. I think a skype interview would be the best way to determine our compatibility.

Apologies for the lack of personal information on facebook. I despise the platform and much prefer github. You can find my current crypto project at

Samuel Jenks


Djworld Ome

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