Sex Rockets! A True Story of Science and Magic

Created by Matthew Hearn.

I'm a Writer in Anaheim, CA. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

In 1941, rocket scientist Jack Parsons is opening new doorways for mankind. He has developed the world's first solid-state rocket fuel, and his Caltech lab (soon to be the world-famous Jet Propulsion Laboratory) is receiving increased government attention and support with the onset of World War II.

Privately, the doors he opens are further still from the bounds of Earth. As head of the Agape Lodge, the LA branch of occultist Aleister Crowley's OTO, Parsons engages in drug-fueled ritualistic orgies in order to reshape the universe itself to his will.

To Parsons, there is no contradiction - no line where magick ends and science begins. As his activities within his quiet, affluent Pasadena neighborhood become more notorious, he finds increasing chaos in both his professional and private life. A chaos which only deepens with the arrival of science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.

Based on a true story - for real - Sex Rockets! is a punk rock look into the triumphs and dangers that come to those who create their own reality.

Long my favorite historical figure nobody else knows about, there has been an increasing interest in Jack Parsons lately. Between mentions in popular fiction and factual depictions, there is a appetite in the zeitgeist for the unique shadow he casts on history, and a punk rock musical is the perfect vehicle for his story. He was a man ahead of his time in every way: a rock star who never hear rock and roll, a hippie who never LSD, a rocket scientist who never reached the stars.

I'm looking for a local (Los Angeles/OC) songwriter/composer on this project, with true equal creative control and compensation. If time allows, I'd like the songwriter to also serve as musical director to continue that collaboration. Passion for the subject is required.

Set and costume design concepts will be necessary before we seek funding; I will provide up-front compensation for this out of pocket, with any further design work supported by funding.

Project Goals

  • Complete book and music/lyrics

  • Complete initial design work for Proof Of Concept

  • Fund and produce the project

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