SollarDollar is a crowdfunding platform for solar

Created by Gene Vayngrib.

I'm a Developer in New York, NY. I work at Urbien. Previously, I've worked at Lablz, Information Builders. I earned a M.S. from MIIT.

Project Description

We are creating a platform that brings together home owners, contractors, and investors to speed up the solar panel deployment in NYC and beyond. We use a GroupOn model to pool roofs and package it as a solar-backed security to everyday investors. We do not commit our own capital to the deals, thereby freeing us to focus entirely on market making.

As homeowners we do not have the resources to put solar on our roofs; contractors know the need for a steady stream of projects; and investors seek high risk-adjusted yields. By bringing all interested parties together, we hope to create solar-based jobs in NYC and help make NYC greener.

marketing and biz development

Project Goals

  • Enter private beta by July 2013.

  • Reach 1000 roof installs by the end of this fiscal year.

Project Updates

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May 18, 2013


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Dust Dame

How is the project going so far.



Dust Dame, thank you for asking, we put Sollar Dollar project on hold temporarily as we are working on another hot financial product,
Litigation Alpha is an event-driven trading assisted by analysts. It helps amateur and pro traders to purchase analyst guidance in real-time to trade on stock volatility created by litigation, regulations, etc. Litigation Alpha has achieved initial traction and was accepted into an accelerator to develop it further.
It would be interesting to know what attracted you in Sollar Dollar?


Dust Dame

Always a big fan of going green that's all. To bad it's on hold. Oh well.


Jack Knight

Sounds incredible! Where are you with everything now?



Jack, thanks for asking. We are looking for a partner in this industry that will help us get to the market.



Jack, would you be so kind to share what aspect of SolarDollar has impressed you? It would help us to understand how to develop it further.


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