Numeralique Cryptocurrency Trading Bot

Created by Rob Bacon.

I'm a Product Manager in Raleigh, NC. I'm currently freelancing. I'm in school at North Carolina State University

Project Description

We are in the process of creating a platform for people to invest in crypto using our automated trading program and going around testing algorithms allows for the chance to potentially partner up or at least make connections with intelligent or like-minded people. A skilled and experienced trader would be monumentally beneficial.

We code in Python and can adjust for time intervals from which to look for indicators such as technical and trend analysis. We are also experienced in using math formulas to calculate entry and exit points.

Cryptocurrency trading is a source of passive income for many. The markets trade 24/7 and so very few traders actually have the time to stare at the price charts for the entire day. Trading bots, of course, do just that! We at Numeralique believe that if anything can analyze and predict the future, it would be a machine.

Yes, it is true, strong algorithms can lead to great entry and exit points, however, as the market conditions change, it becomes increasingly important for the use of strong machine learning techniques to adjust and optimize an algorithm. The Numeralique project seeks to take advantage of a fear of missing out for machine learning experts throughout the world who would like to collaborate with teams in order to create stronger forms of machine learning.

We would like assistance in coding the infrastructure for this project. Most importantly, we would like to partner with strong algorithmic traders in all markets to optimize toward cryptocurrency. We already have the software necessary to commit backtest through limitless scripts. A set of rules and indicators to look for is all we need to code them into python for our platform to run in the form of scripts.

In the case of proprietary strategies, we are willing to write up an agreement to make sure they are 100% owned by the sender until negotiated otherwise.

Project Goals

  • Communicate goals with virtual team members

  • Establish rapport between both parties and set clear expectations for work completed

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Tarun Kumar

Quite exciting !!

10 days ago
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