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I'm a Scientist in New York, NY. I work at Bright Power. I earned a B.S. from Columbia University.

Project Description

It’s difficult for people to realize the impact of climate change because it’s not something they experience in their everyday lives. Sea level rise is conventionally visualized from above on flood maps, but people live their lives upright — not from a bird’s eye view. This project seeks to help remedy that by providing a more human-scaled approach to understanding rising sea levels. Our goal is to raise awareness and encourage discussion.

The most recent NOAA data (1) states that in 2100 sea level will be 2 meters higher than current levels. Buildings in Lower Manhattan and other places close to sea level would be partially submerged, or rather: deluged.

We are working on:
- A mobile/online visualization of a line indicating sea level rise showing building footprints(2), overlaid on building walls and street furniture in street/bird's eye view, using the Google Maps Android API.
- A mobile app that shows, according to how high or low the device is held, the year at which sea level will have risen to that point, using either GPS or gyroscopic sensors.
- A mobile app that shows the sea level rise line in Augmented Reality, using for example pictures of buildings as markers.

- Mobile App development
- Quality Assurance
- Mapping API specs
- 3D GIS visualization

We produced:
- KML layer with line at 2m: (use 3d bldgs in Google Earth)
- Prototype Android app with 3D buildings

Team Members:
Jesse Aboh
Jason Aboh
Jonah Bossewitch
Rumate Razi
Klaar De Schepper

(1) Parris, A., P. Bromirski, V. Burkett, D. Cayan, M. Culver, J. Hall, R. Horton, K. Knuuti,
R. Moss, J. Obeysekera, A. Sallenger, and J. Weiss. 2012. Global Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the US National Climate Assessment. NOAA Tech Memo OAR CPO-1. 37 pp. Available at:
(2) Building footprint data is available from

Project Goals

  • Release initial design mockups

  • Release prototype

  • Explore full range of technology options

Project Updates

Deluged project website

June 8, 2013

A website for this project, which includes a working Google Earth prototype, is now available at:

This picture was created with Google Earth Street View mode and a KML file with building perimeter outlines at Present Mean Sea Level (MSL) +2 meters (in green) representing projected sea level rise by 2100 and MSL +14ft (in pink) representing the 2012 Sandy peak storm surge level.

Due to time and API constraints the mobile app of this project could not be realized in time for June 7th submission.

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Jeffrey Peña

Going to keep an eye on this project! Looks like an exciting and important exploration.


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