Tech Co-founder for startup in Japan (remote)

Created by Jared Fullwiler.

I'm a Product Manager in Tokyo, Japan. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Dentsu Creative X (ad agency), Mitsubishi UFJ (bank), JP Morgan. I earned a B.A. from Ohio University.

Project Description

Hi there,

My name is Jared and I am the founder of Zenu, a Tokyo based restaurant product.

Zenu is currently expanding into a system to help make restaurant operations more efficient.

Since we are currently bootstrapping, we have split our project into 2 stages;

Stage 1: Providing an online platform for restaurants to register, create and manage their menus, and allowing foreign customers who walk into the shop to view translated menus on their smartphones.

Stage 2: Once we have a foundation of online menus, develop a system for customers to be able to push orders directly to kitchen/bar and pay for their items via mobile.

Zenu is initially a project born in Tokyo to assist the large number of future spectators of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in being able to view restaurant menus in English (or other languages).

As Japan's population is shrinking there is a strong need to increase efficiency so that less staff members can accomplish more.

Currently looking for an awesome tech co-founder for a startup in Japan (remote is OK).

As the tech co-founder you are responsible for leading the tech side of the project. Ideally the co-founder will be a full stack developer who is comfortable with database design and development along with front-end implementation (wire-frame design will be provided). Initial product requirements will be pc/mobile web app. In the future, native android and iOS apps will be required so the co-founder will need to oversee the app developers.

There is currently 1 dev intern based in NYC attached to the project, so communicating and providing tasks (preferably the more mundane tasks so to free up your time) would also be great.

The founder is based in Tokyo but the tech co-founder can be based elsewhere, however English ability is a must.

For the MVP stage payment will be done by milestones, once product is in the market and revenue stabilizes salary based remuneration will be considered. Ownership will be between 10-20% depending on devotion to the project.

Specific business plans/ wire-frame concepts will be shared with serious candidates. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Project Goals

  • Develop MVP (online menu management and translated menus)

  • Design android tablet based order processing and mobile payments

  • Restaurant search function

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Jerry Graham

Your idea and goal seem very well thought out. I can clearly see the need and the timing with the Olympics will be perfect. I have someone in mind who would be qualified to take on the position and is currently looking for a new project. Feel free to email me,, so that we may best discover if it would be a good fit.


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