Emergency Service Locator

Created by Fotios Lindiakos.

I'm a Developer in Huntington Station, NY. I work at Red Hat. Previously, I've worked at MITRE Corporation. I earned a B.S. from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Project Description

I would like to design an app/site that would allow anybody to see the emergency service phone numbers and sites for their current location. This could be very useful for people travelling or new to an area find help quickly. Some things I would like to include are:
- police (emergency and non-emergency)
- fire (emergency and non-emergency)
- medical (ambulance, hospitals, 24-hour emergency)
- poison control
- veterinary (hospital, 24-hour emergency)

By using public data, we could automatically determine things like police precincts and fire districts. Other entries (such as emergency vets) could be wiki editable and moderated.

I recently bought a new home and realized I didn't even know what fire district I was in or what the non-emergency numbers were for any of the above mentioned services. This could also prove extremely useful for people who are travelling, visiting family, or just want to have numbers easily at hand

Obtaining public data about emergency service jurisdictions and importing that into a map. I have limited experience with GIS.

Project Goals

  • Release data as an open API

  • Engage government and local agencies to keep information updated

  • Expand to be a national service

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Kedar Prabhu

Quick question: Is this basically an app version of 911 / 311?


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