Mobile Disaster Relief App

Created by Scott Kurttila.

I'm a Developer in New York, NY. I work at Previously, I've worked at Self Employed, SiriusXM Radio, I earned a B.S. from Georgetown University.

Project Description

We're making a crowd-sourced, have aid/need aid mapping app that greatly increases the efficiencies for relief efforts in disaster relief such as post-Hurricane Sandy.

The app allows any aid organization to place a green pin indicating they "have help" available. They are also able to list various resources, etc. that they have.

The app also allows individuals, volunteers, surveyors, responders, etc. to input red pins indicating places where help is needed. Anyone can then respond that they are on their way with specific aid.

This method instantly shows where help is needed and what is needed so that volunteers and aid workers on location can then all work in a more coordinated manner.

The first version of the app is now live on iTunes.

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After volunteering for Hurricane Sandy Relief, I realized that most of my time was spent trying to figure out where to go and what to do in order to help.

I learned that there's an 80% inefficiency in disaster relief due to "replication" from many different organizations not able to easily communicate with each other. This results in many residents being visited many times while others may not get visited for days. By creating this app, the aid organizations are more effectively able to "divide and conquer" specific locations, as well as communicate and share resources as needed.

Additionally, the app uses a global map so that in making it for Hurricane Sandy, it can actually be used world-wide for any disaster relief in the future.
1) Press and writer connections to help spread the word to the general community that this solution is available to help them.

2) Connections to various city aid organizations and teams so that they are aware that they can use this tool to better coordinate their teams of volunteers, etc.

The app will generate a new data set of people who need aid as well as shelter locations.

Project Goals

  • Release designs of V2 as static mockups for community feedback.

  • Release V2, including Android & Web version on June 1, 2013

  • Bring awareness of the app to the various relief organizations.

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Ankit Saini

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This results in many residents being visited many times while others may not get visited for days.


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