Water Resistant Grease

Created by Alex Thaimor.

I'm a Engineer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

Our comprehensive range of world class lubricants deliver the performance our client expects in every application including the most demanding and capital intensive where leading edge lubricate technology is vital and main objective to be met, reduction of the friction, wear and binding of materials

Industrial lubricants are basically defined as compound like fluids, Greases and oils. They are used in order to lessen wear and tear of materials while reducing binding and friction. In some extreme cases they may also prevent or lessen electrical resistivity while it increases thermal condition. Those products are ideal because they can prevent corrosion both inner and outer surfaces where they are applied

Water-Resistant Grease seals metal surfaces and chemically fights corrosion, making it ideal for applications with extensive exposure to water, mud, snow or ice.Synthetic Water-Resistant Grease protects components from metal-to-metal contact even under heavy loads.
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Project Goals

  • Industrial lubricants

  • Greases

  • Water resistant greases

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