A better way to share, organize, and discuss online news articles

Created by Varun Bhartia.

I'm a Developer in Boston, MA. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at Microsoft - Startup Business Group. I'm in school at Harvard Business School

Project Description

We’re making it easier to share, discuss, and organize news articles with friends and family.

Today, sharing news articles is a pain – there is no way to easily share articles with specific groups of friends, family, and colleagues, and have organized discussions about the shared articles. As a result, people share and discuss fewer articles because 1). discussions about articles are public and are often diverted or ended due to disruptive comments, 2). old conversations and articles, to which you now want to contribute based on new data, are lost, and 3). Sharing articles is often perceived as contributing the email spam. Survey data and user testing confirms that sharing news articles today is a problem.

Read With Me addresses these problems by enabling users to:

1. Form private “groups” of people based on personal connections, shared interest, or frequency of sharing information (individuals or multiple friends, family, or colleagues).

2. Have discussions by adding comments directly to a scrubbed version of the article to draw attention to specific points. This functionality is similar to adding comments when editing a Microsoft Word document. Multiple users in a group are able to leave comments in an article, thus enabling a rich discussion of the article.

3. See all of the shared articles and conversations of your groups in central location, the Read With Me dashboard.

Sharing and discussing articles sucks. There is a lot to be learned from each other when people read news about current events. Read With Me is about breaking down that wall and allowing engaging discussions to happen.

Make a difference in the world - we are passionate people who want to change the world for the better.

We have a pretty good plan of what we want to create. Email me for more details - We have received funding from the Harvard Business School for our idea.

We need help with pure execution - its off to the races in terms of development and getting product out. We need web developers - DJango (Python) and front end. We also need someone with a keen eye for design to tighten up our specs and introduce innovative ideas.

Project Goals

  • Release V1 of Read With Me by the end of June.

  • Integrate final set of initial features by mid June - collaboration within articles, etc.

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Ahmed El-kalliny

How far along are you? We're a team of three, myself the business person and two developers with 10+ yrs at Microsoft each and we've been working on something similar...we also have a part-time designer...not the exact same idea but pretty close...would be interested in understanding a bit more about your progress...just in case we want to consider joining forces!


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