Steampunk Adventure Game In Unity

Created by Eli Landa.

I'm a Developer in San Francisco, CA. I'm currently freelancing.

Project Description

Summary: An open world procedurally generated adventure/exploration game set in a steampunk universe

The experience: Enter a world where technology progressed, but the victorian aesthetic remains in vogue. A world, with massive dirigibles and steam powered inventions at every turn. Although there are many fantastical inventions in this world, the divide between rich and poor remains strong. Sky pirates called "Junkers" are always looking for their next ship to loot, bandits are looking for their next person to rob. Neither the cities, or skies are safe. Beneath the toils of the overworld, an even darker presence lurks. Do you have what it takes to find it? Will you be able to save the world from it?

Game Mechanics: The game will be first person perspective and control similar to an FPS. You will have weapons that you can fight with that are in your hands for when you are exploring off your ship, but the majority of the combat will be executed while on board your airship.

aboard the airship there will be different stations (multiple gun stations where u can control the gun, engineering station for repairs, and steering station for controlling the airship). You can upgrade your ship by salvaging materials from destroyed enemy ships or buying parts from stores.

items can be acquired though salvaging broken ships, looting dungeons, and random discovery.

In terms of procedural generation, we will generate, weather conditions like, clouds, rain, and dust storms, floating islands with random structures on them, and the normal overworld with vegetation, mountains and buildings. Certain structures will have a higher chance of spawning enemies near them.

Project Goals

  • Create a first person controller

  • Create a airship that can be interacted with and controlled by the player

  • Create a procedural generation algorithm capable of making normal landmass, floating islands, and clouds

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Eduardo Lopez

Hello! are you still working on the project?

I would love to collaborate, feel free to listen to my work below:


2 days ago

Evan Green

If you are still working on this, I would love to participate.


Bilal Tahir

I love steampunk! Would love to get involved :)


Tom Evans

Hey Eli,

I specialise in Music Composition and Sound Design. I would love to get involved in a project like this. Let's connect?


Alex Lazimir

Hey Eli,

Wonderful idea! Really looking forward to seeing the development of this project. I was just wondering if maybe we can expand on the game mechanics a bit, maybe some sort of character progression? Or adding the ability to board other ships in combat? Or even have some deadly weather systems that are detrimental to your ship, in which you would have to repair certain parts, or even having to buy new specific parts to traverse certain areas of the world. I would love to further develop these ideas!

Looking forward to what comes next!

You can contact me at:

Best wishes,



Ashley Hannes

Dear Eli Landa,

I am Ashley Hannes, from Red Apple Technologies. Basically, We are a mobile apps and game development company in USA, Sweden & India. Check our website: So, If you share your Skype id then we will discuss with you or you can directly contact with me. My e-mail id is:

Best Regards,



Hey Ashley, thanks for reaching out. ill be sure to contact you via email soon.

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