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Created by Tom Evans.

I'm a Musician in Bath, United Kingdom. I'm currently freelancing. I earned a B.A. from Bath Spa University.

Project Description

We are developing a team of different individuals, and giving them a slot on our show, once a week. Our aim is to create a channel full of creative types ranging from musicians, filmmakers, authors, graphic designers and everything in between. We want content to be unique every day but all follow a similar layout and format, which will be provided by the management team.

We already have over 3000 twitter followers, now we just need to find ways of bringing this idea to life.

We are making this channel because we believe there is a gap in the market on twitch for a creative team of people. YouTube has already mastered the 'collaboration' aspect with people setting up collab channels, and we want to bring this idea together into one mass channel on a live streaming platform. If we group up together we can provide content daily making the channel easier to officially partner with Twitch, therefore giving us greater chances and more options to deal with.

1) We would like to find a project manager - Someone to work closely with the management team and help bring this project to life. We are looking for someone who has many different ideas and is sufficient at problem-solving.

2) We need to find a team of people, ie directors, musicians, graphic designers, authors, illustrators, engineers. Anything creative. The ideal candidate will be looking to showcase their skills on a stream once a week. You must have a computer that is able to stream, and you must be reliable.

3) Graphic design - We are looking for a branding designer to help bring our idea to life through illustration and graphics. We would love to boss the social media game by uploading illustrations and graphic designs. We would love it if this person could create a cartoon version of the team.

Project Goals

  • Develop a dynamic, creative team of talented people.

  • Develop a weekly schedule and produce a profesional standard show.

  • Branch out into other media services and build on the brand even more.

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Alex Tana

Hey, I'm a musician and graphic designer currently at my last year at uni and I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while, I'd be very interested to help you guys out designing stuff, feel free to give me a shout if you want to have a chat and see if we can work something out !



Hi Alex, sorry for the delayed response. Thank you for showing an interest in our project, please provide an email or something so I can message you about the project.



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