Build a viral marketing campaigns for an Online Gaming site which is promoted through Affiliate marketing.

Project Description

What are you making?

IWe are building out a group of micro-sites and landing pages which are controlled by a group of IBOs in one tree of an MLM business. (I've already started this process)

Each of which can be duplicated and modified to encapsulate another users information dynamically.

The purpose of which is to help Acquire Players and additional IBOs for a new gaming site.

This will include not just doorways to the gaming site and ads. But value add services such as league results tracking. Commentary pages, community bulletin board, training, information pages, tutorials and contact us pages.

In addition we need to bring some marketing experts in to help.

Why are we doing this?

To promote an online Gaming site that started recently, and make it easy to exploit future MLM marketing businesses without having to a major build out. Plus to offer this service to small startups that will then be able to kickstart an affiliate program with out an onerous overhead.

I'm an IBO (Independent Business Owner) for a relatively new online Gaming site.
They are doing their marketing by using an MLM approach.
The same thing like Mary Kaye Cosmetics, Tupperware, SMC, Nutra-system and Ambit have done.
And as with all businesses that do MLM you either get in early or you do not make the big bucks.
Every acquired player and IBO we bring to the site is ours forever and any usage they do on the site
we receive 10% of what the site gets paid, plus signup bonuses and down line commissions. of IBOs signed up under us.
The site has been growing steadily with very little in way of social media and advertising to increase the Player base.

What type of people can help out (and join in)?
I need Artists, Writers, Developers, Marketeers, Business People or anyone with contacts,

I have many avenues I am pursuing. But by frankly the time I get to pursue them all,
it will be a couple of years and the window of opportunity will have passed by because some one else will get in.

So I have started a three pronged approach
1) I have started to put together a micro-site and landing pages for affiliates I bring in to use, (need developers and artists for part of that)

2) Started negotiating with some groups that can bring in lots of players.from there own business doing gaming in the real world (Writers would be helpful for that)

3) trying to find other people to collaborate with to do take over and run with marketing/sales with other venues and groups both online and off that I have identified and they may as well. (Anyone would be helpful for that)

Project Goals

  • Quickly build a micro-site, configured dynamically.

  • Come up with a online campaigns and execute

  • Write tutorial documentation for new users, and proposals for people to collaberate with

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