Need Aggressive Outreach Guru to call on C-Suite Executives

Created by Mary Wingo.

I'm a Scientist in Austin, TX. I'm currently freelancing. Previously, I've worked at 10 years of various startups.. I earned a Ph.D from University of North Texas.

Project Description

Good day! I am a scientist and one of the world's top experts with human stress. I am looking for an aggressive outreach guru to help set up lucrative programs for a scientifically based stress management system for businesses and/or institutions. This system is designed to drastically reduce operational costs in institutions and businesses. I provide full training, support, and access to my automated outreach platform if needed. This program reflect 20 years of development, and so there is no legitimate competition at present.

Some critical applications for stress management include:
1. Children and adolescents in educational or institutional settings.
Desired outcome: better self-regulation (emotional and behavioral control) and more fluid transition from adolescence to adulthood
Long term outcome: Lower administrative costs, better student performance, better student behavior less teacher and staff burnout

2. Use in government/corporate sponsored tailored wellness programs
Medical costs directly associated to stress threaten to destabilize institutional viability for the short and long-term. A scientifically-based wellness program will save many tens of millions of dollars per year, if not magnitudes more. The savings that can be realized in this sector are massive.

3. Use as part of employee wellness, job stress management control

During times of economic recession, a business or institution viability is threaten with a lot of employee stress. Controlling job stress is one of the most actionable steps administration can take to keep employee motivation, job efficiency and job safety at it greatest. Maintaining high employee stress is one of the most destructive and major elements related to business or institutional failure, as stressed out employees cost the nation a minimum of 3% GDP per year (about 3 billion dollars). With budget cuts looming due to poor economic conditions, it is imperative that administrators control employee stress first before cutting critical staff and jeopardizing institutional viability.

Sectors that benefit most from aggressive stress management include the following:
-Medical personnel
-General government employees
-Large private businesses with multiple layers of hierarchy.
-Heavy machine operators, factory workers
-Those working in banking, law, and finance
-Those working rotating or irregular shifts
-Those utilizing public medical systems
-Those incarcerated in the prison system
-Those institutionalized with mental illness
-Shelters and institutions assisting with victims of domestic violence

Improvement of the wellness of these populations will savings of many billions of dollars for the governments and businesses of almost any nation as well as improving overall public safety.

I am looking for outreach superstar(s) who are wanting to do a strategic partnership for setting up corporate or government wellness programs or even facilitate other joint venture`opportunities.This is a profit sharing partnership. I can help you an offer support and training to get the job done.

Project Goals

  • Become acquainted, do training, brainstorm, collaborate on setting up a contact list

  • Outreach and deal setting.

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