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Created by Pete Smart.

I'm a Designer in Toksook Bay, AK. I work at Timestamp. I earned a degree from University of Phoenix

Project Description

I am creating a outreach program that reaches out to neglected children. Also families who foster children and really do not have much to give except a home.

So far after paying for the ads on facebook(, which I literally have no much funds to reach people. Women responded to this compared to men 22-2. Men are more resilient to emotion and choose to hide. This probably makes sense so women heal the world by caring and responding. Men hide their feelings and is trapped. Bottling it inside. Without women to stop the men the world would burn itself to the ground. Theoretically speaking, women are the number one cause of healing our children. Good job women. Its a good day because of you.

Children may make up only about 30 percent of the world's population, but they represent 100 percent of our future,” said Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana. “Many children around the world are living on the streets or in institutions instead of with a family, and many suffer from abuse or exploitation.
I have created a gofundme page that is funded by people who support the cause. Which can be found at

After the goal is met. We will be submitting videos or photos of donations if possible to the good people who have foster children. All donations will be anonymous or chosen by our subscribers who donated. Everyone will be a part of this. Still is in the making process. I need your support.
This is just the beginning phase. Donated funds are still to be determined. Donate today and you can become part of a cause that supports the foster system. There fore supporting the children in need.
Imagine the healing process being implemented to our children. They suffer just like you do physically and mentally. They need help. Someone to take a stand and stop the violence from the source. Before something happens, children go missing because they feel like they have no choice but to run

Suicide and the Foster Child
July 11, 2013 | Helen Ramaglia
In 1962, under a bridge, in the back seat of a neighbor’s car, a tiny, feisty baby girl came into this world. A fragile little baby so tiny, that she was kept in a shoe box.
By the time this little girl was five years old she had suffered more pain, more loss, more devastation, and more trauma than most people endure over a life time.
By the time this little girl was 10 years old, her childhood had been so traumatic that she was on the verge of a total and complete mental breakdown. At 17, I found myself on the edge of my bed with a handful of sleeping pills. I sat crying, saying to myself:
No one wants me, no one loves me and I can’t trust anyone. God hates me, man hates me and my entire life has been nothing but pain and devastation. So why even go on?
It was three weeks before I was to age out of a system that had forgotten about me.
I tried for many years to overcome my past, and I thought I had by focusing forward, 24-7, and never looking back. However, in my adult life, I found this wasn’t the case, and I had no choice but to finally face the monster head on.
To my amazement, it has been in sharing my pain that I have experienced the greatest healing. I have come to realize, that although I thought I had dealt with my pain by pretending it didn’t exist, it was quietly controlling everything about me. And thus, I would find myself contemplating suicide on more than one occasion.
My older sister, now passed, spoke of contemplating suicide. My other sister took a handful of pills while in care, and my brother has tried to commit suicide several times already. I have heard children in care talk about having suicidal thoughts on more than one occasion.
The World Health Organization says suicide is a leading cause of death worldwide, and one of the three leading causes of death for young people under 25. They report that one million people die by suicide each year. That comes to around 3,000 deaths a day or

I need help creating an app that can be used for these reasons. Also I need people to check the page out, share and like. I had no problem having people share it when I was able to pay for the ads. In one day it reached over 800 people, got many shares, and 50 likes. I need this thing mainstreamed.

Project Goals

  • Reach as much viewers and supporters as possible.

  • Turn this into an app.

  • Help those in need.

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New website

October 27, 2017

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Allison Smith

Can I give you some constructive feedback on your project? I think it's crucial for you to be more specific in your facebook page and on your website and go into detail about the exact value the foster kids are getting from the money that will be going to them. As the brand messaging stands, it could be literally anything from going door to door dspropping envelopes of cash into their laps to setting up a foundation to fund their college education to paying for them to receive counseling and providing resources for education for them and their families. And it's less of a compelling story to have a generic "this money goes to help the children" brand identity, without any further information and details. Current brand strategy research shows that people respond to brands with authentic and compelling long-form storytelling innate in their messaging. Make your outreach program into a second home for neglected children who've never had a healthy, functional home. Choose a bunch of actual foster children and share their photos and stories on your site and in your advertising. Give potential donors a child who has never known the unconditional love and nurturing they deserve and need to empathize with, research emotional advertising, and look at a few successful foundations that are within a similar sphere (I'd say AutismSpeaks, for example, except actually that group is hugely problematic, but that's another story). If you'd like to talk about this a little further, I'd be happy to help with branding and identity strategy and could probably help you enhance the consistency and congruence visually and messaging-wise, and help your brand be truly recognizable and fully realized. You can message me on here, or email me at if you'd like to chat further!



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