11. Capitalize on the Cross-Platform Advantage

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Now mostly apps are design on cross platform, due to which they influence social media people and these apps in the starting are not on social media platform. This also help you to increase traffic and make you able to understand which social media platform are important for your business and where you target your audience.

WhatsApp analytics for traffic are usually given to third party because it is newly developed in open source software. Now due to WhatsApp Company make changes in their strategy and again set priorities how to target audience.

2. Create Broadcast Lists

Through broadcast list you can create your own certain topics, then start the communication to enhance involvement more likely to twitter. You can also send link to another friend to join any group.

3. Take Advantage of Group Chat

Group messages are seen to all group members as well as all will see the reply in the group. Group chat is important and useful when you start any campaign and new business. So that all your contacts will know what is your future plan and what you are selling. In group you can also send the pictures and brochures of your products so that people can understand more.

4. Enjoy Cost-Free Messaging

In WhatsApp you can easily send messages without any cost. WhatsApp is also install easily in all smart phones like iPhones, Android, Nokia and others. Also same internet data required for WhatsApp as you use for browsing anything. Also people can send infinite pictures, video, voice note to each other, you can create group also. This will beneficial for both the users as well as marketers. Even you can also target an international user as well.

5. Take Customer Support to a New Level

Actually WhatsApp is basically design for mobile users but it is also well suited for desktop users. So now you can use it side by side with your other desktop application. In desktop you can easily reply your friends and customers.
This is unique idea as well as very conventional. For desktop device you just go on a WhatsApp website and follow the basic instructions.

6. Make Creative Offers and Promotions

If you want to design a new offers in different style then WhatsApp is best suited for you. There are different well-known companies who used WhatsApp for promotion.

7. Build User Loyalty

Group list is a feature through which you can increase your customer’s relations than any other social media group. Also a brand features and personalities will increase the best understanding with your customers.

8. Engage Directly with Phone Calls

The calling feature in WhatsApp is also another built in characteristics which make users more loyal. This feature you can use in a marketing to talk and explain your product to users and sales person can take the advantages of it.

9. Maintain Quality Content, Even in a Message App

The main objective of WhatsApp is messaging, so write your message simple and short but it does not mean you start worry about the length and character allow. It do not have any restriction as twitter have, twitter allow only 140 character at a time.

10. Incorporate Curated Content

Same with other social media platform, you are allow to send copied as well as original content. Remember, the format is unique from Facebook, the general format should apply.

11. Know Your Audience

Every single word is matter. If your content and thinking are not according to the audience you will get less response and less involvement.

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